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TBC Tip #212 - Background Maps

By Cole Schubert EXT posted 09-01-2023 15:02


Hello TBC’ers! When working with any type of spatial data, it can be incredibly useful to have a frame of reference or spatial context for your data. There are countless ways to get spatial context for your data, but fortunately TBC has several methods built in! With one click, your data will automatically be visualized with an accurate background map showing street, satellite, or terrain imagery in seconds. However, keep in mind that this will only work with data that has been georeferenced. Attempting this workflow on data that has not been georeferenced will result in an error.

  1. To start off, TBC has a default quick action button in the bottom right corner of the screen that looks like a map (1A). Click on this button to toggle the default background map.  
  2. This provides an on/off toggle for your background map, but this is not the only option. Click on the “Home” tab, and in the view section click on “Trimble Maps” (2A). From here, you can select which type of imagery you want your background map to be ranging from terrain, satellite, and street views.


     3.  This tool is enabled by Trimble Maps, but there is also the option to use google Earth for your background map (3A). This will open a new “Google Earth” pane where you can select the data you want exported into a .kml file for use in Google Earth (3B). Here you can select the altitude mode, and view the status of the export. With that complete, upload and view the data in Google Earth to get a different form of spatial context.


   4. That completes the workflow! Now you are able to quickly enable a background map for any georeferenced data. 


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