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Webinar Recording: Understanding Coordinate Systems in GIS Data Collection

By Felicity Boag posted 12-16-2020 20:02


Coordinate systems are a key part of GIS data collection. Are you interested to learn more about this complex subject and how failure to align newly collected data with existing GIS data can cause significant feature offsets?  Check out our webinar to find out how Trimble TerraFlex software has simplified coordinate system selection and configuration.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why coordinate systems are important
  • A quick coordinate systems 101
  • Common coordinate system challenges
  • How Trimble is solving these challenges in TerraFlex

Watch the on demand recording here.


  • Gareth Gibson, Marketing Director, Trimble
  • Hamish MacMillan, Product Manager, Trimble
  • Matthew Morris, Product Manager, Trimble