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 Modify Graphic Interface

posted 06-08-2021 00:51
Is it possible for me to modify the graphic interface of trimble connect for windows and adapt it to my needs? I was trying to find the source code to possibly add new functionalities through APIs and just to create a MORE "user-friendly interface" since i have been charged with this job, is there a chance to do that? Thanks for the future answers and good day to everyone.
Hi Samuele, 

Could you provide some examples of what you are trying to customize or what exactly is a "MORE user-friendly interface"? 
I need to change some buttons and the position of the functionalities around the screen, taking out some buttons that are not useful for my company and some others, other than that i need to add some more functionalities like a more detailed search feature and some new tabs to let users see ToDos and alarms more easily