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 Imported files not showing in TerraFlex

posted 07-03-2021 13:51
I imported several KML files to Connect. (Cannot import shape files.)
They show in Connect on the Mac, but not in TerraFlex on the iPad.

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The failure of Connect to import shape files is indeed a Connect problem.
I have not received any substantive advice about this problem.
Hi Robert, 

When you say there is a failure to import a shape file - do you mean that the actual file is not being uploaded to Connect or there is an issue with rendering the file once it has been uploaded to the project?

If the file will not upload at all to Connect, then you are correct it is a Connect problem but if the issue is about the rendering of the file - the issue would be happening on the Map application side (the processing of geospatial files is maintained by the Geospatial team and not the Connect team).
Shape files will not load.
Connect gives a cryptic error code.

Hi Robert, 

From the dialog it looks like you are in the Map Viewer. You can report your issue to the Maps team for further assistance.