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 Assembly label

posted 06-07-2021 10:10


Short one: how to customize assembly/part label in TC?

At this moment my label is composed out of:

'Steel Assembly' comes from IfcElementAssembly   

In my 'Additional property sets, I have no property like 'Product Name' nor 'top/bottom elevation'. I've tried to find it in TC documentation, with no result.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

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Hi Marcin, 
Could you please attach the image you are referring to? 

Also, how was the label created?

Hello Laura!

I don't mean the label in ToDo, but the.. filed..pop-up something  in the view, when you right click an a part/assembly. How is it even called in the documentation?
Now the screen should work:

How to customize it?

Kind Regards

Hi Marcin,

The “steel assembly “ is the name of the object. It is coming from the original authoring application and cannot be edited in Trimble Connect.

There is a way to add editable data to objects in Connect by using the Property Sets feature of the Workflow Extensions in the browser 3D viewer:

 Best regards,Jari

Hello @Jari Juntunen 

I don't think you're right. In Tekla Structures, name of the assmebly is not "Steel Assembly". But this is how it's displayed in Trimble Connect.
"Steel Assembly" is a Product Name, name of the assembly is different, e.g. LOOSE_ELEMENTS

On the other hand, on a part level, Product Name property is the same as name of a part in Tekla

My settings:

Trimble Connect is using Product Name for a label and top/bottom level, how to customize it?

What the 'Product Name' actually is?

Kind Regards