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Product Update - 07-21-2021 | Support for multiple Trimble Account Roles 

07-21-2021 14:30

Trimble Connect Account Admin Dashboard Update

July 21, 2021

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What’s New

We are writing to you to let you know that Trimble Connect’s Account Administration Dashboard now supports multiple Admin roles! If you are an Admin for your company’s Trimble Account, we wanted to make sure you were aware of the changes and what this means for your company’s Trimble Account.

Supported Account Roles & Permissions

Per Trimble’s licensing system - accounts can have the following roles and listed under each are capabilities that each role can perform :

Changes in Trimble Connect’s Account Administration Dashboard

  1. Under the Internal Users tab, you will now see Admins listed as either an Account Owner or Company Admin. 
  2. Any new admins added will be assigned the Company Admin role

Why were the changes made?

Trimble’s licensing system has recently made some updates which limits accounts to have only 1 Account Owner per account. Accounts which had multiple Account Owners have been updated so there is only one owner and the remaining will become Company Admins. Since Trimble Connect uses the roles from Trimble’s licensing system our customers would be impacted while trying to access Trimble Connect’s Account Administration Dashboard.

Previously Trimble Connect only allowed Account Owners access to the Trimble Connect Account Admin Dashboard, with the recent changes, users with the Company Admin role will now be able to access the dashboard as well. 

How does it impact me?

There is no end user impact (For Account administrators).

  1. Both Account Owner and Company Admins will have access to the Account management portal.
  2. Both the roles will be able to define and edit File metadata/custom attribute templates and the Property Set master libraries. 
  3. Other functionalities such as listing of Account’s  users, projects and exporting them to Excel will be available to both the roles.

Is there anything I need to do?

While this new update does not require you to make any changes, we would nonetheless encourage you to use this to perform an audit and ensure the right person from your account has been designated the “Account Owner,” vs the “Company Admin.”

The Trimble teams are constantly improving our feature functionality and hope this latest change is another delight for our customers.

Learn more about supported roles here ›



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