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EZy69BqQsCyqTIvW3oKA_temp.pngSoftware Development Kit (SDK)

Managing your TMLs

Status is a TML written by Rockpile Solutions to manage registered TMLs from within Trimble Business Center. 
TMLStatus displays the registered TMLs and makes the installation and/or updating into a simple button click

Click Download TMLStatusto download the TMLStatus installation program. The installation package removes the burden of having to manually download, navigate, install, and unblock the files needed to run TMLStatus and other registered TMLs.

Legal Notice

Trimble is not responsible for any damage caused by running either macros/extensions installed by Trimble Business Center or those that you install from other developers. For more information, please see:
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  • That inspecting only works if the macro has reached that breakpoint and is halted. You need to click OK in the macro window to start it. Since it doesn't have any code it should reach the line with the breakpoint quickly. Once you see the yellow arrow ...

  • Last Question, I promise... When you mouse hover over the object name and that menu shows up, mine doesn't do that? How are you able to do that? ------------------------------ john chronister ------------------------------

  • Nevermind! I didn't use your attached template at first. All is working now. Thank you so much for your help! Now to just learn to program....... ------------------------------ john chronister ------------------------------

  • Thank you so much for your help, this was awesome. We're almost there, but the only part i'm having issues on right now is getting any custom macro that isn't a part of the RPS solutions to show up on my Macro Ribbon. I have a bunch of macros in my MacroCommands ...

  • You should nearly have everything you need. In theory you should copy the ZIP-File from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Trimble\Macros SDK\Templates\2019" to "C:\Users\ your user path \Documents\Visual Studio 2019\Templates\ProjectTemplates". The thing ...

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