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TBC 5.32.1 Slow to save

  • 1.  TBC 5.32.1 Slow to save

    Posted 09-14-2020 11:01

    I'm suddenly finding TBC v5.32.1 is taking an unbearably long time to save projects.  This seems to be regardless of project size.  I have tried with existing and new projects, but when clicking save, the cursor spins for a very long time (long after the time stamp of the file has updated), and the application remains unresponsive.


    Are there any simple steps I can try in advance of having to set aside time for a clean install?

  • 2.  Re: TBC 5.32.1 Slow to save

    Posted 09-15-2020 07:24

    Update - the next day, saving seems to be almost back to normal times... no change to anything else, although I am finding scrolling, zooming, panning seems very 'laggy'

  • 3.  Re: TBC 5.32.1 Slow to save

    Posted 09-15-2020 09:46

    I used to get that kind of issue in older versions of TBC on my old Laptop - I never tracked it to anything specific - it was like Go To Meeting or Hangouts or one of those tools would trigger the issue to happen and once it started I had to reboot. I ended up scrubbing my computer and reinstalling everything because it became a real problem - since then it has all been fine again - so it is likely that you have something interfering with TBC in the background.


    It could be things like Google Drive, Drop Box, One Drive etc. or some other service that is getting in the way. 


    Unfortunately this is not an easy thing to resolve - I would open a support ticket with your dealer and have Trimble Support try to help you diagnose the issue - this is not normal unless you have lines set to show as linestyles instead of all as Solid (Toggle at base of screen) - if that doesn't help (which can cause the issue you are seeing then I am not sure what to suggest.


    I have not seen this issue in 5.32 -if you share a project setup as it is when you are seeing the issue I can run a check for you to make sure it is not data related - but you are saying all projects are doing it which is strange for sure.



  • 4.  Re: TBC 5.32.1 Slow to save

    Posted 09-17-2020 23:23

    Hi Alan,

    The slow save issue seems to have resolved itself, and I'm not sure why.  It may well have been some background service or process that was to blame... for now the saving appears to be back to normal times.


    Regarding the slow panning / zooming, my linestyle toggle had switched... I so rarely use this, that I didn't even notice or check! However, that doesn't appear to affect my performance at all so far as I can tell.  I did get to the bottom of this one though... it appered to be a result of the presence of text objects that were generated via the import vector pdf feature.  When I removed the text from the project, the panning etc was slick and smooth again, and on re-introducing the objects, it was horrible.  Not sure if this is typical for projects with a lot of text generally (can't say I've been aware of this), or something paticular to text resutling from importing PDF objects.


    Thanks again,


  • 5.  Re: TBC 5.32.1 Slow to save

    Posted 09-18-2020 05:39

    Text objects if defined as true Type Text styles especially can slow a project down. If you change the Text Style to one that uses Stroke Fonts you will find that those work faster in Graphics and will speed up your project


    A lot of things have been improved in the graphics - the show all lines as solid is no longer such an issue because they have addressed the issue of how they draw the non solid lines in graphics so the TBC drawing is much faster now than it was - these are all hidden improvements that are going on graphically in the product in the release cycles being executed - which have caused a few teething problems


    If you download this document - it covers many issues that can help you optimize projects for speed


    Click Here



  • 6.  Re: TBC 5.32.1 Slow to save

    Posted 09-18-2020 05:46



    Thanks for this comprehensive document... will make very interesting reading and I look forward to checking my settings and workflows against this!


    Thanks again,