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Trimble AG - TMX 2050 - DOT GPS files

  • 1.  Trimble AG - TMX 2050 - DOT GPS files

    Posted 11-17-2020 16:41



    Some genius engineer on my site engaged Trimble AG equipped tractor scoops to move dirt on our site (Trimble is Trimble, isn't it?).


    Of course it is not compatible with Trimble Works Manager.


    How to prepare .GPS files for a scoop with Trimble AG TMX-2050 tablet using TBC v5.32.1?



  • 2.  Re: Trimble AG - TMX 2050 - DOT GPS files

    Posted 11-18-2020 04:38

    You have to use the Ag Products - Same company, different Divisions and Completely different Target Markets - not many people do Crop Spraying or Harvesting Results in the Construction World!


    So while One Trimble, it is not expected that these tools would typically show up in the same place and if they do we would expect the Ag user to have the Ag tools and the construction  survey user to have the survey tools so that they can create and manage the data for the separate systems - the systems are typically provided with the tools required to manage the data to and from the system. The Ag tools do support some common formats - they are more GIS based so I would start with ESRI SHP/SHX files or standard DWG/DXF files. I don't believe that LandXML is used at all in the Ag space.


    You have a pretty extreme corner case right here