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As staked line report

  • 1.  As staked line report

    Posted 05-11-2021 05:30
    Is there a way to show as-staked line distance and offset on the as-staked report in TBC? I've done a asbuilt survey on some soil nails on a batter. And need to show delta's relative to the nail lines.
    I've tried a custom as-staked report but can find any line distance fields.

    Also is the a way to label same points for perpendicular surface offset to show cover from slope line.

    Thanks in advanced

    Peter Batson

  • 2.  RE: As staked line report

    Posted 05-12-2021 17:50
    Try the "Point Comparison Report".


    Thomas Tomsu

  • 3.  RE: As staked line report

    Posted 05-13-2021 07:17
    Take a look at the station-offset-elevation report under the TBC Corridor menu.  It requires an alignment. This can be a known reference line or 2 of the as-built points. I have been using this application on structure as-builts. The alignment is a grid line. The calculated offsets to the points indicate if the steel is within geometric tolerance. The report can be exported to EXCEL and used to do additional calculations or make a plot. For example, a best fit line through the as-built points will show relative rather than absolute offsets

    Lee Lovell