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Labeled points on Map viewer

  • 1.  Labeled points on Map viewer

    Posted 06-21-2021 11:15


    I work at a research lab and we are trying to update our GPS coordinates for a research project that requires us to regularly visit and survey points (logs) found in a densely wooded forest. We have some of our points logged into a data frame on Trimble Connect/Terraflex, but we were wondering if there is a way to automatically display a point's name in the map viewer. Right now all we see is a sea of purple points, and we would like to better distinguish between these points. 

    In addition, is there a way to filter data within the map viewer? For example, I only care to visit points on my map that are associated with logs that came from hemlock, or logs that are considered "active". 

    If there is a way to do either of these things, I would like to know for my lab's workflow, but if it's not possible, then me and my lab would like to know so we can stop searching and come up with other possible solutions. Thank you! 

    Savanna Cabrera

  • 2.  RE: Labeled points on Map viewer

    Posted 06-24-2021 09:14
    Thank you for the feedback Savanna

    The ability to filter and select by 'attributes' isn't available in Terraflex Map workspaces at the moment, only spatial selections are possible.

    Are you an ArcMAP user...?

    • If your Office side GIS data is managed in ArcMAP then I would recommend The free Terraflex Add in for ArcMAP
    • The How to guide provides more details on how to install and work with this extension
    • This workflow would enable you to use the full selection tool set in ArcMAP (spatial and attributes) to do what you have described here

    With regards to labelling - this is possible in the Terraflex field app via a combination of the form template PREVIEW FIELDS and the list view in the Terraflex field app
    You would first need to define the PREVIEW FIELDS in your form template

    This will then allow you to preview the forms via the PREVIEW data in the Terraflex List view* aka Label 1 and Label 2
    These labels are also visible the Map view when you select a form node 

    I'll ensure this request is passed on to the product team as an enhancement request for the back log. 
    The product team do monitor this community so make comment directly here also

    Tom Harrison