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Quadri Connector for OpenRoads designer 1.2 Release Notes 

11-25-2021 02:11


Release date: October 2021

Software compatibility

OpenRoads Designer: The connector is compatible and tested with OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition 2020 Release 1/2/3
Quadri: Quadri 2022, 2021. 2020FP1


NEW: The User Interface (UI) in Open Road only shows ORD tasks that are reserved by the User.
NEW: The selection of which element types to send to Quadri is stored on the task and used until the user changes the selection on what to send to Quadri.
NEW: It is now possible to read and send XAttribute/EC_Property to Quadri.

ENHANCEMENT: The content in the User interface (UI) is rearranged so it is easier to control what to send to Quadri. 

    • The UI reflects the structure of the featurized element types with a similar tree structure as in Open Road Explorer.
    • Non-Featurized element types are grouped by Level.
    • The UI only displays nodes for those element types that are supported by the connector.

ENHANCEMENT: The connector creates alignments with netElements in Quadri from alignments found in Open road.

    • A corridor with its reference alignment - (alignment inside current dgn or from a reference model) - can be sent to Quadri with features attached to netElement
    • Sending a corridor where reference alignment cant be found will be sent to Quadri as features without any link to netElement in Quadri.

FIXED: Several geometry issues related to Lines, Linear Complex, Surfaces and Solids.


  • Only element types found in Active View in Open Road can be selected to be sent to Quadri.
  • Meshes that are not “watertight” will not create a feature with a volume (Solid geometry). in Quadri, but will be sent to Quadri as surfaces.
  • Mapping of properties from XAttribute/EC_Property  is missing in the conversion rule.
  • Current elements from Open Road is not currently supported:
    • CivilCell
    • SuperElevationSecton
    • Cant
    • ScalableMeshSurface
    • AnnotationGroup
    • AnnotationDefinition

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