• Datums and Ellipsoids: NAD83, WGS84, and GRS80

    In my version of GPS Pathfinder Office (5.4), in the Software Help window under "About Coordinate Systems and Datums," I find the following text:   "Various datums have been established that best suit particular...
    Vince Edwards
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  • When we try to save this scan job we get this?

    Rich Eaton
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  • Station set up

    I registered several stations, then grouped them. I then did a station setup on the first station /scan,  expecting it to move the other target registered scans already reg to  this station . it didnt do t...
    Alan Cliff
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  • Setting up New PC for Realworks

    Hi All, any help much appreciated.    I have just recieved a new PC Spec as below: Dell Precision Tower 3620   Windows 10 Pro Intel Core i7-7700K (4 Core), 4.2 GHz (4.5 GHz Max Turbo) 64 GB (4x 16 GB)...
    Ryan Bowles
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  • What is the best process for exporting a registered scan from Realworks to edgewise? For modeling in edgewise

    We have Trimble Realworks and Trimble edgewise  we register in Realworks and would like to model architecture, civil and survey details.
    Brian Griffith
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  • how to set up points for shooting on a wall?

    I am shooting points in an area with standing water. Normally I would just use the prism and mark the pipe sleeve centers on the floor, but I can't mark any points on the floor given the standing water.
    Matthew Smith
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  • How to merge error cloud station with good ones  after auto merge option ?......i cannot merge inbetween good and bad scans

    I've merged 30 station clouds in Trimble real works and gave auto merge.....some stations have merged properly but some didn't....it gave me referenced data(merged one), secondary data(not merged properly) and non mer...
    Naveen Selvarajan
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