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David Thomson
We have been using a Trimble Yuma1 for about a decade.  The OS is Vista, but Trimble no longer offers the Win7 upgrade software so it will stay Vista.  It works with a ProXT antenna (mapping grade).     Someone gave us a Trimble Yuma1 with the Win7 OS and a ProXH antenna.  Both run Terrasync.  I tried out the newer Yuma1 with the ProXH antenna… (Show more)
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Mauro Arzuaga
Hi all i would like to know how to add more decimal digits to the time value when exporting points on TBC. I could manage to add more digits on the coordinates but i couldnt do it on the timestamp. Thank you all in advance.
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Kirk van Maanen
Can the scale factor be changed in 3D view for Siteworks?
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Kevin Clarke
I have not been able to get Trimble Sync Manager to Export Text from my TBC session into my Access job file on TSC7
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How can I import Leica Total Station files in TBC? I have job files in dbx format or job.gsi files Thanks David
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Todd Jordan
There are new block definition in the latest FDM library. So what is their use? We have point definition that can take symbols and scale them etc. What can we do now that we could not before and in what circumstances would it be preferable to choose to define one over the other? Thank you all for your input.
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Filip Slavnic
Our IBSS bases are transmitting CMR message but on some of them with the update of firmware I have turned on Server 2. But when I turn on IBSS server 2 RTCM message, the bases in Connected community show as Managed and Unmanaged bases. Is that normal because CMR is preferred Trimble message or am I doing something wrong?
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Laura Scarisbrick
We are running RealWorks Advanced-Modeler Version We have an activated ReCap Pro license. When I attempt to export a cloud from Realworks to a RCP file, I get the message "Exporting point cloud to ReCap RCP file..." in the status bar for about 7 seconds, then it returns to "Ready" No RCP file is created. Two empty folders are created,… (Show more)
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Allison Dykstra
In inpho (ApplicationsMaster 8.0) Match-AT is returning the message NO_VALID_PHOTO_FOR_ADJUSTMENT when calculating imagery pyramids. It can often calculate pyramid levels 5 and 4 but cannot go further. Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?   The imagery I am using is 40 cm resolution aerial photography, I have the GPS/IMU data already… (Show more)
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Aaron Simmons
I've loaded an imp. file onto a Geo7x. When using the map feature on the unit, the cursor will follow my position as I move around the property, but I have to pan the screen manually to follow my position. I don't have any issue with this when using a ssf. file. Under the options menu for the map feature, I have "Auto Pan to GPS Position"… (Show more)
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