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K Jac
I've got an older S6 that works fine with my TSC2 running survey pro 4.11 over the radio, but it won't connect with the newer Ranger 3 running Survey Pro 6.1. The S6 firmware is version 12.5.x, does it need a firmware update or could it be something else? Any advice is greatly appreciated. 
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Erica Summers
I am self taught in Inpho and Applications Master and am learning how to generate Orthos.  I have created a SCOP file, prepared my project by entering the camera info, photography, EO data and set the coordinate system. I then saved my project. Once the project is saved a second Applications Master window is supposed to open with an outline of… (Show more)
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Quintin König
Hi there   The Publisher does not work after the latest Windows update.   It tells me I need to install .Net Framework 4.7.1.   When I do, it says its is installed or a newer version is installed   This is with the new Trimble Scan Explorer Viewer   Im using TRW 11.2.
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Daniel Muir
With any ordinary vector, I can select the vector, right-click and select Points by Vector.    With a Distance offset, I can select the vector and I have the option to select the point by vector, but no points are selected?    Do any clever people know why this is? 
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kieran o'shea
Hi,  Does anyone know if a 10 yr old S6 has the same measurement frequencies/wavelengths as a current day model? Also are there 2 different sets of wavelengths for standard & reflectorless (DR) measurement? Also, would somebody know if there are separate factory settings for constant offsets for Standard and DR modes? Thanks Kieran
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Kirk van Maanen
I have a customer who has a T7 tablet running  the Siteworks application. It shuts down after receiving this error message. Am wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue?
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Scott Field
Click to view contentMS955 Excavator 336 Earthworks Setup -   I am trying to do a setup in my shop of the Excavator 336 Earthworks, Currently by the schematic I was given to assemble this in our service center, My coworker and myself are currently having issues trying to get this to work, I have attached the schematic of the excavator and a few pictures of what I am… (Show more)
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Sam Williams
Hello   We are looking to set up a site soon where we will be using up to 8 3D machine control systems, plus 2 rovers for surveying. The cell coverage is good across the site, however the cost of VRS for each machine is racking up and not all machines will be 100% utilised for machine control tasks.   I am aware that we could use a system called… (Show more)
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Martin Westers
Click to view contentHi, do someone know how to fix the issue, that the TDC600 is not recognized under Windows 10 via USB connection? I get the following error message.      Connection to other PC´s is working, so must be a issue with my Windows 10.   Thanks, Martin
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