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Michael Shamalla
We use the Nomad+LM80 to run some of our Total Stations. It has been Cold AF lately (10° F and lower)  all my field team is having trouble keeping their batteries warm - their instruments keep turning off with a full charge, like an iPhone in the cold. Several of these folks have been using Hot Hands, those chemical hand warmers - taping them to… (Show more)
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Ross Chaloupka
I have an fxl set up for a simple Light Pole collection project.   Basic collection.  Feature Code: LP    Attributes:  (Listing of pole types Alum, Wood, Steel etc) We added a comment field in the attributes for any free form comments the field person needed to add.   After importing the data, processing the feature codes and exporting to csv… (Show more)
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Jeff Jalbrzikowski
Traverse Kits - boresight, or "coarse sight" like on total stations, on top of prism "can" for more accurate aiming, would help on vertical aiming for sure Tribrachs - laser engrave the accuracy of the bullseye level so the user is better informed, or at least include that on a spec sheet in the delivery/packing TA - add an option in Map-based… (Show more)
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Robert Robbins
When attempting to open TBC, I get the error:   "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation."   Does anyone have any experience with this?   Thanks
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Andrew Poe
What I really need is to be able to create a Cutting Plane View and advance it along a path (or alignment), but that doesn't appear to be possible so I am trying to create a work around where I can create multiple section views by snapping to imported linework and then switch between them in the Cutting Plane View. How can I create multiple… (Show more)
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Joel Cusick
I have TBC 3.81, current Access on controllers. Job file used and FXL with Codes.  My civil engineer who did the survey now is complaining "I cant see point name, elevation, code" as a label in Civil 3D"..."like my other drawings". I'm not a CAD guy, I'm a GIS guy.  I get the FXL thing, and in GIS, we call these attributes that I can export to GIS… (Show more)
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Elim ramirez
When Im trying to import a .job file to TBC 3.22 It give me the folowing error:   C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Angel y Anny\ANGEL Y ANNY.job, Error while trying to convert file C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Angel y Anny\ANGEL Y ANNY.job. Error message : Conversion not supported. Converter version :  0250 Input file -   Type    :  0007 (Survey Controller JOB… (Show more)
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Susan Myers
Is Trimble Catalyst DA1 antenna compatible for use with a Surface Pro?
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Radek Myszak
Can horizontal distance be bigger then slope distance?? Very unlikely  When and why? please see attached.
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Patrick Tora
TBC Google Earth Issues: I am having problems with viewing my data on google earth in TBC under the view tab, when I click google earth under the view tab it creates a notepad document automatically showing a bunch of codes. I have to export a kml through the GIS tab under export, place it on my desktop which is still in a notepad format than drag… (Show more)
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