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Jason Pingel
Hello,   I have a D6N with a 450MHz radio on it that we are using with Topcon bases.  We are having trouble with it connecting with a Topcon HR.  Our machine does not seem to be getting Glonass corrections from the HR.  If we switch to a Topcon GR5 everything works fine.  Has anyone had any experience with the Topcon HR yet?   Thank you, Jason
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James Barnett
Has anyone came up with a good way to stake curves/arcs that have elevation changes? When we take and export our cad data any curves that have elevation changes turn into 3d lines or they loose the elevations all together. I would like to figure out a way for my crews to just use the cad drawing to stake everything.
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David Bowers
Can you convert .fxl to .fcl file format in latest version of FDM?
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Jeff Reinier
Since our company upgraded to windows 10, Trimble BC locks up when printing a plot box.  Never had problems with Windows 7. Please help.  I've updated to all latest versions of Trimble BC software. 
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Gustavo Ferreira de Souza
Where can I download the Trimble Business Center version 3.3 and 3.4. Can someone help me?
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Rick Gillesen
There is the possibility that some issues and errors show up when installing the update to TBC 5.10. We had customers that couldn't export svd and svl anymore, it kept showing errors. I read some other issues on the forum ass well about simmilar problems. We provided the customers the "Trimble_Office_Cleanup_Utility_x64_Setup" tool and after… (Show more)
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Ronan Kelly
Realworks needs a pre-registration cleanup tool (i.e. permanent delete of noise/traffic etc). Basically looking for a permanent delete/ clean cloud segmentation tool to use in registration mode. Preference would be station by station but also cleaning the registered cloud would be helpful also. The main issue currently is that if you have… (Show more)
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Gerardas Viršuta
Would like to update Trimble Access from version 2016.03 to 2017.23 on TSC3. Using TIM (Trimble Installation Manager) on Windows 10 Enterprise (1903). Problem is that during update TIM disconnects from TSC3 with some kind of error: update failed. can not download files from device I think this is Windows Mobile Device Center related… (Show more)
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John Alexander
While attempting to log into the local vrs network one of our collectors is giving the following message;   "physical base station information not available. continue and store points as positions"   What am i missing in my survey style setup?   We are running Trimble Access 2017 on a TSC3 with an Trimble R10 rover.   Any insight will be… (Show more)
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