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Ronny Schneider
Hi, I've run this through our local SITECH support already but they haven't found an explanation yet. Maybe one of you guys has come across that issue.   We've got several Trimble Panasonic Toughpads running the latest Siteworks version. Recently we are unable to connect with them to our IBSS base station. Connection via radio or NTRIP works,… (Show more)
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Larry Miller
I have an older file that I need to update the features in-field. It is no longer available as a SSF. Im using Trimble positions and ARCMap with a Trimble GEO XH. I have posed this question here before , but have not found an answer that works. I am unable to bring the feature class into the Positions checkout dock window to transfer it to the GEO… (Show more)
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Сергей Пульков
Click to view contentHello,   the WM get access to Web interface added machine and this function I used successfully. 12.09.20 this function didn`t work up today and support can`t answer me why.   The ability to access the web interface function look like green icon right side   Today we  have a good internet connection, but I can`t get access to web interface at… (Show more)
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Christian Voelkerling
124/5000 I have a dat file in TBC that is merged by several files. Is it possible to export the merged dat file as a dat file.
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Martin Watts
Within Orthophoto in TRW 11.2 and now 11.3, the segmentation tool has been removed. Is this permanent? Or is there a work around for producing multiple images of parts of the point cloud without having to break it up into relevant areas which is very time consuming?
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Jody Savage
I was using my S9 and TSC7 to do some basic monitoring which included shooting retro targets. During the monitoring, the instrument would not respond to me turning the screws on the side to aim it. The controller then  popped up with a box saying that it had disconnected and was trying to reconnect. I waited for a few minutes to then realize the… (Show more)
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Fredrik Bergstrom
Click to view contentHi all!   I really hope you can help me with this.  I have a project were we are doing a lot of scannings with our X7. From the first day we have 120 scanstations and this weekend i was going to start working with them.  After importing and putting all of them together i have 2 scans wick will fit to each other but not to the rest of the scans.… (Show more)
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Michael Kavanagh
I am having trouble with a TSC3 that I reinstalled the 3.1.2 firmware to. After the install I connected to Trimble Installation Manager and installed Trimble Access 2012, but I can no longer see the internal radio. The settings screen will hang for a short time when finally showing "Port Unavailable" Is there a way to re-enable the radio? did… (Show more)
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Rachid Harnaf
hi i have a trimble gps r8s rover with an internal uhf radio my probleme is that radio is not recognized , in trimble access software show me message that the radio is not connected but it is realy connected . i dont know why can some one help me ?
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How do I connect to a R10 to download static files for post processing?  Is the Trimble UI with the IP address the preferred route?
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