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Cael Neathamer
Hello,   I am trying to renew the license on one of our TBC keys and a, getting an error (attached). Any ideas?   Thanks
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Mark Booth
I am having trouble with my CSD file in TBC. When I want to change system I get this message The newly selected coordinate system is invalid   It was working fine. How do I specify where TBC looks for CSD files Thanks
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Jeffrey Ryan
Dear TBC Users,   Please see 'Check for Updates' in TBC to download the updated SiteVision AR Exporter enabling you to export points, lines, surfaces, areas, CAD objects, and utilities module objects from your project to Trimble SiteVision™.   Thank you! check for updates tbc trimble sitevision
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Julian Flynn
Is it possible to model a corridor of say a road where the existing road surface is to be milled and re-used in a structural layer of the new road? From what I have seen so far even if I nominate the existing road layers as the same material as the new road layers (in this case using boring logs to create the existing strata) I still get a… (Show more)
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Martin Kalafut (Secondary email
Hello to anyone,   I experienced a problem, when I tried to import into a TBC v5.20 project, the user defined line styles which were contained in a DWG file (the DWG file was created from original MicroSTATION DGN file using its Export to DWG option, since TBC does NOT diretly support the import of DGN files in the Layer Manager import new line… (Show more)
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Michael Pardassie
Click to view contentHello Everyone,    I have been implementing many line control codes and I would really like to see a line control code that both spirals into the adjacent straight lines as well as generate a smooth curve which travels throughout the points along the curved line. As of now, it inconvenient to use the "tangential arc" "non-tangential arc", and… (Show more)
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Cary Williams
In TA 2019.10 the ability to see the name of the linestring as it is in TBC is a nice feature that has been sought after.  But the step forward also seems to have an issue to complement it: before when you selected a segment of a line (having the explode polylines button checked in activemap settings) you could review JUST that segment for… (Show more)
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Garrett Brown
When we export from TBC to a DWG, the 3D lines that are curved are line segments. I have seen they are spaced about 1-2 feet along the curve. I would like to have TBC export a 2D smooth line with no segments or have the option to create segments that are 0.25-0.50 feet along the curve. Has anyone had any experience with this?   Thanks.
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DeWayne Manon
I am looking for, or want to create a REVIEW JOB REPORT or style sheet.  A report of everything done on a .job from x date to y date.  hoping for a cleaner version of the FBK FILE.xsl or SURVEY REPORT.XSL looking something like this     JOB… (Show more)
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Tony E
We have designed an application to read NMEA data from a R10 via NMEA over Bluetooth ports.  Everything works as long as the ports are setup to export the NMEA string via Bluetooth correctly.  However we have recently found that when we have to change the base on a R10 and connect via TSC3 over Bluetooth it wipes all the Bluetooth ports.  Is there… (Show more)
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