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sungmin shon
Hi guys    I am Isaac working at karratha earthmoving.   I really like the toggle background map function which alan sharp showcased on last training session.   However i have noticed that I can't use the function on MGA50 coordinate system.   We have local grid called karrratha 94 it seems to work fine on that grid but if i open up a MGA50… (Show more)
Josh McCallum
I have imported a survey into TBC direct from a .job file on a TSC3 controller and am wanting to rotate the survey to a different bearing, is this possible without having access to the "transform survey points" command? (only have a survey intermediate licence)
Samuel Egelhoff
I have recently updated a T7 and a T10 with all windows updates as well as updating the firmware for SCS900 (3.74.18301.18) and Siteworks (1.11.19302.221). Now when either program is launched on either device, project/receiver setup complete, and corridor has been selected, I do not see any station or offset (nor ref station or offset) until I… (Show more)
Saif Bin Darwish
Please see attached. 1. Surface Prperties -1 refers to OGL as of 191218 2. Surface Prperties - 2 refers to OGL + Assumed OGL.   1 is a subset of 2.   If you observed the Max and Min Elevation in properties tab, (1) has higher / lower and incorrect values. Values in (2) are correct. Also verified from other software.   I generated contours… (Show more)
Anthony Guho
Is there a way to set the Siteworks emulator to run without being in full screen? It would be nice to have other windows open while testing.
Ben Dixon
G'day Alan,   I'm not sure if this is the right place for Siteworks requests but could you kindly forward this through to the Siteworks boffins?   We have a newly acquired PPK drone and would like to easily log static data to our rover using Siteworks rather than exiting to the web UI on the receiver.  We have data logging enabled.  Our proposed… (Show more)
john west
is there a simple report or function that can be ran to show the average depth of a line below a certain surface? for example if i want to just create a line from invert of structure A to invert of structure B  and report the average depth rather than going through the whole workflow of creating a utility takeoff. 
john west
ALAN, the last power hour you did on creating a 3D model from PDF/CAD cross sections was great.  is there a way to use the same tools/workflow for utilities? 
Kirk van Maanen
In earthworks when I am doing an infield surface design, why can't I make a section to the left of my measured alignment? It doesn't let you add to the left, negative. You can only create a design from left to right not from the center to the left. 
Todd Bronson
I am trying to set up TBC for field to finish design surveys.  When I process the field work using feature codes and export the file to a .dwg the linework is all 2d polylines.  At this point I then explode the 2d polylines and the curves that were observed in the field (ie: curves in curb lines, sidewalks....) are not arcs in CAD, they are broken… (Show more)
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