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Joe Willis
When I create a triangulated surface in Terramodel, I can edit the points and sets easily by deleting line segments and modifying point elevations.  Is there a way in TBC to break apart a corridor surface that I have created and edit that surface in TBC this same way?  This is important for certain staking applications.    
Terison Kurimwi
I use the plot box to quickly printout sketches, now after installing the new version 5.10, my plot-boxes are printing data outside its boundary. See attached sketch. Are there any new settings to be applied?Alan Sharp
Denmark Marcelino
Would like to ask if anyone has experience of setting up Trimble Rover and will work with Leica Base Station (GS15)? What are the right configuration for the Leica Base Station to make Trimble and Leica Rover work.    By the way, I'm using Trimble SPS855 Rover with TSC3/TSC7. 
Santa Julia
Anyone know how accurately is between TBC and Bernese software. I use want to create several control points using PPP technique. How accurate both software? Now I am using tbc. 
Santa Julia
Dear All, I have one question in doubt with me, I want to create my own base using PPP that occupied 24h per day and 7 days which has 6 points in different location. Do you have any suggestion how to do it?
Ryan Lanser
Built a model for a client. Send to client.. Engineer notifies client that the project is shifted and should be in International Survey feet, Oregon North. I have adjusted the project setting to the international Survey feet and Oregon North. But when I re-export and send ove the the engineer they are saying that it is still shifted like the… (Show more)
Pawel Hasiuk
Click to view contentHi    I am trying to export a surface and the background map from the project to GCS 900 v10.0 without clipping boundary defined. I am failing all the time though as I get the error as shown on the screenshot below.'   Any ideas how to resolve the issue?   Thanks   Pawel                      
David Lees
Hi interested parties,   I am planning a trip to Poeppel's Corner in the Simpson Desert of far Western Queensland. I would like to undertake a star observation and check the latitude and longitude of the corner marker. I want to use my Trimble S8 to carry out the observations. Does anyone know of a style sheet to carry out the reductions of… (Show more)
Titus Emanuel
Wenn ich eine DWG-Datei in TBC 5 importiere, wird offensichtlich das erzeugen jedes Element in der History Log protokolliert. So entstehen LOG-Dateien mit der Größe von mehreren 100 MB! Grundsätzlich finde ich dieses Log gut, da man seine Arbeitsschritte später noch nachvollziehen kann, aber es sollte zumindest optional möglich sein, den… (Show more)
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