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Cody Tweedie
Hello,           I am new to  TBC-HCE. When reading 'Installation and Basic Operations' I am prompted to import a 'Trimble building .layer' file. My problem is that I can't find a download for that file anywhere. I know its not necessary, but it would cut my prep work drastically. Also, is there a basic materials list to build from or is that… (Show more)
Nancy Lewis
When using TIM to update devices, the link to view the Release Notes does not work for the heavy civil equipment.  I searched for it on the community site, but no luck.  Can someone post a link to the release notes please.
Ben Dixon
Is it possible to assign a Layer Group when importing CAD files?   I see that it's possible to assign a Layer name prefix when importing a file but it would be handy to send each imported CAD file (each with 50,000 layers of meaningless, 2D junk data) directly into their own groups when importing so they can be easily ticked on or off to see… (Show more)
ryan kolt
Does TBC HCE or 5.0 have a function like cad with the navcube . can i rotate the plan view to north is facing down.  
ryan kolt
In the plan view window how can i rotate the view so north is facing towards the bottom of the screen .  all the pdf plan are north is facing on the bottom of the page. 
Matthew Pitt
Looking for some advice if possible, I have been sent over an update for Earthworks and I am struggling to upload the firmware onto the machines remotely, wondering if anyone had any idea if there is a way to do this or whether the best option is to pop out to site and drop it on via USB.   The main  issue I have is that the length of time it… (Show more)
todd horvath
Is there any way to adjust the sampling distance per individual surface other than the global settings for the project? Quite often I find the need to have my Finish Design surface densified more than an existing ground surface. Controling project size is one of my main objectives.
Leigh De-Niro
Does anyone know how to export/report a series of points information such as easting, northing and elevation to a simple excel speadsheet or just a report list itself? Would like to export the information of a number of points for easy reading/printing.
Saif Bin Darwish
I created a surface in Civil 3D. I exported it as an XML file. I imported this XML file in TBC. I found some members missing in the TBC surface. I created 3D Line strings where necessary and placed them in a layer. When I try to Add these members to the surface, it is not getting added....returns "0 members added"  message.   What is wrong?
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