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Geoffrey Kirk
Click to view contentWhen an internal radio is being used at the base station the system automatically adjusts the amount of data that is sent every second so that the radio network does not get overloaded. This is why it is important to select the number of correct number of 450MHz repeaters when setting up your base station.   If you send more data than the radio…
ryan kolt
Does TBC HCE or 5.0 have a function like cad with the navcube . can i rotate the plan view to north is facing down.  
carey novits
Hello Everyone,   Trimble BSC HCE I keep having this issue when I go to print my cut & fill maps (see attached images). The color doesn't fully come through on prints to pdf. Anyone else having this issue.    construction trimblebusinesscenter print #hce    Carey
Cody Tweedie
Hello,           I am new to  TBC-HCE. When reading 'Installation and Basic Operations' I am prompted to import a 'Trimble building .layer' file. My problem is that I can't find a download for that file anywhere. I know its not necessary, but it would cut my prep work drastically. Also, is there a basic materials list to build from or is that… (Show more)
Stewart Agnew
This question is referring to points to be used for carrying out surveys where an accuracy of +/- 1mm is not required; I assume the procedure would be similar if the control were to be used for setting out activities but you would tighten up the points with traverses/level loops post establishment.   I've been on jobs in the past where I have had… (Show more)
Denmark Marcelino
Would like to ask if anyone has experience of setting up Trimble Rover and will work with Leica Base Station (GS15)? What are the right configuration for the Leica Base Station to make Trimble and Leica Rover work.    By the way, I'm using Trimble SPS855 Rover with TSC3/TSC7. 
Magnus Bengtsson
Click to view contentIt seems like layers that I turned off in the viewfilter assigned to the dynaview still shows when I print a pdf. The strange thing is that I doesn't show in the plotview. There have been problems before in older versions when dwg-files that I turned to "hide members of" that still turned up in the plotview, but that issue is fixed a while ago.… (Show more)
Matthew Pitt
Looking for some advice if possible, I have been sent over an update for Earthworks and I am struggling to upload the firmware onto the machines remotely, wondering if anyone had any idea if there is a way to do this or whether the best option is to pop out to site and drop it on via USB.   The main  issue I have is that the length of time it… (Show more)
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