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Darrin Tutino
In the bottom left corner of my plots/prints I get a default scale bar. I'm putting a scale bar in my legend box so I don't need the default scale bar. How do I turn off the default scale bar so I don't see it on my plot?
Linus Nilsson
Hi. I have a problem with TBC 5.1 turns off when I leave it for a few minutes. is it any setting? Alan Sharp
Titus Emanuel
Wenn ich eine DWG-Datei in TBC 5 importiere, wird offensichtlich das erzeugen jedes Element in der History Log protokolliert. So entstehen LOG-Dateien mit der Größe von mehreren 100 MB! Grundsätzlich finde ich dieses Log gut, da man seine Arbeitsschritte später noch nachvollziehen kann, aber es sollte zumindest optional möglich sein, den… (Show more)
Hugh Flynn
I’m looking for a “staff” to record points for use in CAD drawing and to the plot points on site Mostly for hole boring and pile driving. VHF basestation RTK is available on site
Nancy Lewis
When using TIM to update devices, the link to view the Release Notes does not work for the heavy civil equipment.  I searched for it on the community site, but no luck.  Can someone post a link to the release notes please.
Mikko Siivola
Click to view contentHi,   I have surface that i need to cut to certain level. It is a trench that top level needs to end at 1.5 m. Now the top of the surface varies. I tried it with merge surfaces, but the endpoint of the surface goes to original endpoint and I need to cut it where the surfaces intersect. Here is a screenshot where you can see where I want the… (Show more)
Ben Underwood
Can the takeoff report be modified to include topsoil re-spread areas and re-spread thickness under either the Area-Limited Topsoil Volumes or Site Improvement Quantities portions of the takeoff report?  All other items, including the topsoil stripping, list the individual areas and the thickness applied to each area.   I have tried to work… (Show more)
Tyler House
Hello,   I have an alignment starting at station 289+20.96, I need to design a corridor off a surface profile. Only work around I've found is the create a linestring out of the alignment and elevate it to the surface and create a new alignment and profile out of that however if i change the start station the vertical grade breaks don't change… (Show more)
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