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Keith Knifer
This should be a simple addition to the info bar options.  I have a customer who needs to see the live azimuth from their position to their stakeout point. They do this in Access with no problem, but SW is making their process more complicated than it should be.   Along with that, can we get the Straight line distance to the point available in… (Show more)
Jason Bowers
In other cad programs the layer/level managers allow a copy and paste function for layers. Usually it will add suffix "-copy" to the layer being copied. Might not be a huge time saver but would be nice to not have to set all the other attributes if only changing a few letters of a layer name. 
Jason Bowers
When categorizing multiple layers it appears the dialogue reassigns one layer at a time. It seems to reset the dialogue then proceed to the next layer. On layer intensive jobs this can take a long time to process 3-5 minutes. It seems if the workflow could aggregate the recategorizing to not have to reset the dialogue after each layer being… (Show more)
Steven Lloyd
I saw a video on this app and it looks pretty handy, but It appears this app does not work with SPS recievers, I tried connecting a 986 and the app won't find it. Any chance to get support for these devices?
Buck Lawson
Long story short, major software issues at the beginning of the job resulted in screwed up sites and a redo of the calibration files and in an effort to not blow up all of our control in the middle of the project, I developed a separate site on my computer and have been passing files back and forth through the file explorer to avoid conflicting dc… (Show more)
Bruce Hopkins
Is there a way to create multiple corridor surfaces at once instead of having to generate them one at a time?
Keith Knifer
I've seen this in the past and have a customer dealing with it.  Point the gun to opposite corners for the search window and it says there must be at least 2° difference between them even though a large area was encompassed by the selected corners.  Has anyone seen this or know of how to make it accept the search window?
ryan kolt
Help with corridors on on/ off ramps with tight radius . i cant figure out why on some ramps with tight curves the surface takes off and ties to the other side of the alignment . ive tried the set the sample distance from 1 ft to 100 ft and the max edge length . any ideas on what else to try ?  
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