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Advanced Point Cloud Modeling Techniques

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Jun 20, 2018

I was working with some users yesterday on a large project that they are flying monthly with drones to create point clouds that they then use to create "Work In Progress" surface models for volumetric analysis purposes. As we all know Point Clouds can be "huge" and we typically don't need to model the surface with every point in the point cloud. In the discussion the users asked me how to model different areas of the project at different point densities - so that they could model some areas with High Density (HD) and some areas at a Low Density (LD). I thought that this was an interesting workflow to document for the benefit of all users out there. Attached to this post is a Word Document that you can download that describes the process, and workflow benefits that Business Center - HCE provides in this process.


Below is a "Zoomed In" view of the final model TIN that shows the variable Point Density areas


Zoomed In Area of an HD/LD Surface Model in Business Center - HCE


This approach allows you to model complex project areas at one resolution and less complex areas at a lower resolution for volume purposes, the overall intent to keep the surface model size as low as possible whilst keeping the "fidelity" of the surface model high in the areas that matter most.


I hope that you find this useful


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