Alan Sharp

Importing LandXML with Layers - Way Cool

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Jul 19, 2018

Yesterday I was with a key customer on the Road Corridor side of the business. We got into discussions about what methods they could / should use for importing data primarily from the Civil Design Packages out there (they were using InRoads on Design Build Projects). They were unaware of a very small change that we have made in v4.11 of BC-HCE that when importing a LandXML File you can now use the Description Field associated with Feature Lines (as well as the Code Field) in the Landxml file to create or use Layers that exist in the project.


The key benefit of this is that before this all LandXML data ends up on Layer 0 irrespective of how it is meant to be used or how it was in the source CAD system. This also means that the Layers can pre exist in your template with Colors, Linestyles, Lineweights and those will be adopted after import - giving you a Layered, Grouped, Colored Linestyled, Lineweighted set of data to work with - This is huge in the Data Transfer space.