Alan Sharp

Trimble Library - Videos That Help You Learn

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Aug 4, 2018

One thing that I am finding when visiting customers around the US is that they have not heard of the Trimble Library. This is an awesome training and learning resource where we post a large number of training videos covering most aspects of the BC-HCE application. 


The library can be found at this URL  and can also be accessed by the CEC Forum home page (where you access the BC-HCE Community from (It is mis-named Trimble Product Previews - it is way more than demos of the product).


Try it out - it will also shortly be linked to the Trimble ID system so you will only need one login for all things Trimble. In the mean time sign up for a Library account - you can use the same credentials as you use for Trimble ID, that way when we switch over you should just be able to keep using it without a hitch.


Some of the content is Free, some titles carry a minimal charge of $1.99 and some Titles that cover an entire class of >10 hours of training videos cost ~$20.


The Trimble Library is also available as a free APP on the Google Play and Apple App Store, and this allows you to watch your content from your smart phone or tablet device.


Corporate rates are also available to license all content for X users for a year at a time, this reduces your total outlay as a corporation and gives all of your users access to all content for a 12 month period. If you need more information, email me at 


Helping Yourself is an important step in getting the best out of the BC-HCE application and making yourself as productive as possible. Just like the forum it is a great tool to assist your development as a user.