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Business Center - HCE v4.12 Patch is Now Available

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Oct 3, 2018

Business Center - HCE v4.12 Patch Released Yesterday. Use Check For Updates inside Business Center v4.11 to get the patch added to your installation.


Enclosed are the Release Notes for the Patch - Mostly Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements, but a couple of good items in here that will be useful to many


  1. LandXML import gives more options to ceate Layers during Import to separate out the data contained in the LandXML file. This makes data faster to use and understand
  2. Improvements to PDF Vector Extraction in terms of Layer Management and Layer Grouping, especially where the PDF is Layered and is coming from a known source wher you can set up a project Template with Layers and Layer Groups already defined - this means that you can organize data from a PDF quickly and easily as it is imported.
  3. Image Plotting is greatly improved for High Resolution Images
  4. Create Subgrade Surfaces has been fixed and works well again - awesome
  5. The Area Length Count Report on large data now runs in a fraction of the time it did before - Great for 2D Takeoff
  6. Minor improvements but large gains in the Standardize Layer Command - you can now use the Shift Key to select individual or Groups of Objects and assign them to a Layer and not just a while layer to a Layer.
  7. MX, 12DAZ and Trimble Earthworks .DSZ files can now be imported or have improved import capabilities


Hope that you find this release to be an improvement and has increased robustness - there are many small defects that have been addressed in the release that are not captured here in the release notes.


Happy Modeling