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Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Oct 25, 2018

I was looking at some data from AutoCAD yesterday relating to Title Boxes and Borders setups and noticed that on import the text did not fit into the area of the Title Box that was provided for it. On opening the same file in Civil 3D I noted that it sat inside the box just fine. It dawned on me (actually it didn't - my buddy Gary L showed me this) that if you click on the Text in BC-HCE and can see the CAD Grips, you can use the CTRL key and then move the green triangle in Top Right of the CAD Grips to the Left or Right and this will force the Text to wrap to the width defined. 


You can use this feature in Title Boxes, or for the placement of a set of notes on a sheet where the size of the area available is Narrower and Taller or Wider and Shallower than the set of notes that you want to place. Simply drag the note set into the graphics area - placing Top Left or Center where you want it, and then use the Grips to resize the text as you need it.


I thought this was pretty awesome - all your typical drawing notes can be setup on your drawing sheets outside the drawing area itself, they can be dragged into the drawings as you need them and can be placed wherever it is convenient and then resized and reformatted as required - I recorded a video snippet here to show how it is done


Happy Drafting