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Trimble Business Center Version 5.0

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Oct 25, 2018

As you may have heard, we announced Trimble Business Center v5.0 jointly with the Geospatial Division at the Intergeo Trade Show in Germany last week. We have shared a lot of pre-release information with the SITECH dealers and they should be reaching out to you over the next few weeks. The Trimble Business Center v5 release, brings the Business Center - HCE (for contractors) and the Trimble Business Center (For the Survey and Geospatial Community) together into a single platform. 


The new platform carries all of the feature set of both products into a range of Product Editions (Packages) targeted at specific types of user and Add On modules that provide a specific feature set to a specific set of workflows.



The new product contains a lot of enhancements and exciting new tools like Macro Programming (TML) that will allow the product to gather more momentum in the market place as third party developers begin to deliver productivity enhancing tools in addition to those that Trimble is already delivering.


The new product also has a Sharp New Look and some major productivity enhancing user experience improvements, whilst retaining a high degree of similarity to the previous versions of the products.


Alignment of Licensing, Warranty, Feature /  Function Capability, and a common approach to market was a growing requirement within our larger customers, putting everything together in one scalable and extensible platform, while distributing the common product through the specialist Geospatial and SITECH channels were the prime objectives for this release - we hope that you like it.


The enclosed video covers the new product structure, how your existing BC-HCE license will map to the new license structure and also the highlights of the new release.


Let us know what you think - in use - I think you will love the changes that we have made but as always your feedback is invaluable 



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