Alan Sharp

2D Takeoff in TBC v5.0

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Oct 31, 2018

Thought I would share this video with you all - it demonstrates 2D Takeoff processes using TBC v5. I have a session at Dimensions next week on this and I get a lot of requests on how to do this efficiently in BC-HCE.


To do this in a team environment you would need either a Survey Intermediate Edition to do all of the work in one license, or you could do the Image Management and Georeferencing and placement of image boundaries etc. in a Survey Intermediate Edition and then hand over the project to another user using just the Field Data Edition to do the digitizing of Areas, Lengths and Counts. The user of the Survey Intermediate Edition could then reopen the project and do the Area Length Count Reporting and add background imagery and also do all of the labeling and annotation and generation of tables etc as needed.


Once the data is in Excel, the video shows how you can use a Pivot Table to get nice summary reports as well as how to use the Text to Columns function to split comma separated name field into multiple columns to facilitate quick volume calculations from the area data, or to add cost codes to the report before handing off to the Estimators.


Let me know if you have further input here as to things that we could improve for the 2D Takeoff work that you have to do.