Alan Sharp

Dynamic Editing of a Horizontal Alignment

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Nov 4, 2018

I have been at Bootcamp this week for the Global SITECH dealer network - an awesome week with over 400 SITECH professionals in attendance. While running a Corridor Modeling session, one of my Trimble colleagues asked me if there was any way that we could Edit a Horizontal Alignment in the same way that we can edit a Vertical Alignment - using Grips. While my initial response was that it wasn't currently possible - I am retracting that by >50% .....


If you use the Linestring command to create the alignment (Straight and Arc alignment segments only at this stage), you can use Grips on each segment to drag the segment in and out or along the alignment - changing the VPI locations and the radius of the element. When you are satisfied - you can then do one of the following


1) Create a Horizontal Alignment and append the linestring that you edited - this will then become a HAL that you can use for a corridor


2) Add the Vertical VPIs to the Linestring and here you can add vertical Arc or Vertical Curve segments to your HAL - that can then become a VAL in an alignment - or just a geometrical 3D linestring. If you dont want to take the step to create an alignment - you can now (in TBC v5 soon at least) use the new Create Sideslope command to create a corridor along the 3D linestring


For Site and City Roads where spirals are not used - this is a pretty good solution for those engineers out there that want to "tweak" an alignment - or to design a Haul Road for a project where Tweaking is a requirement.


Enclosed is a quick video for all those "tweakers" out there





Happy Model Tweaking .....