Alan Sharp

New Messaging For CEC Software

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Nov 12, 2018

For those of you you that were at the DImensions 2018 conference, you will have seen and likely used Trimble Business Center v5 (see previous post) as well as had the opportunity to meet the teams and take a look at the software elements of the CEC Software portfolio.


In addition, during the conference you will have also been exposed to the new Graphic below which is a continuation of our former messaging around CEC Software. So what changed?



In the past you have heard us talk about the Connected Site, to most users that is the connection between the Office and Field Systems using Trimble Connected Community (TCC) which provides 3 valuable services, those being


  1. Two Way Data (Wireless Data Sync) between the office (Business Center - HCE) and the Field (SCS900, Siteworks, Site Pulse, GCS900, Earthworks, PCS900, DPS900, Groundworks), providing Site and Design data to the field and completed Work Orders or Production data Files from the field without having to drive to site or visit machines personally.
  2. Internet Base Station Service - providing increased flexibility of GPS operations on site through connection of Base Stations to the TCC service, that then facilitates internet connections from field systems and the delivery of GNSS Corrections via the web, thereby extending operating range, facilitating rapid mobilization of field crews and providing more people and adjacent projects with access to the GNSS Correction streams
  3. Remote Assistant - providing field support from office locations using a remote connection into the controller or control box for the purposes of remote troubleshooting and fault diagnosis, reconfiguration of displays and settings and providing remote training and support to operators, getting field crews working more rapidly without the need to visit the jobsites


For those of you that attended the Dimensions 2018 conference, you will also have seen a preview of Connected Site v2.0. This will eventually replace the TCC system and provide a modernized equivalent to the above services provided by the existing TCC, as well as providing a new platform that paves the way towards additional production management tools. The Connected Site 2.0 was received well by the attendees of the conference - these were some of the highlights


  1. 3D Graphical Views
  2. See all projects in a 3D "Google Earth" like environment
  3. Dots on Map to show where assets are Located and where they are working
  4. File Version Control
  5. Colored dots to show when assets are working on old or current file versions
  6. Colored Dots to show Working / Not Working status of assets
  7. Drag and Drop of Designs to a Project (All Assets) or a Specified Asset(s)
  8. Ability to create Design Packages from provided files directly through the web (Like SCS Data Manager)
  9. Simple, easy to use file management system
  10. Utilization of the Trimble Connect Backend Services including Project Management, Device Management, User Access and Trimble ID


You will also have seen the other elements of the CEC Software Portfolio including


  1. Quantm - Route Finding and Alignment Optimization
  2. Novapoint - Civil Design Suite
  3. Quadri - BIM Level 3 Server for Civil Construction
  4. Quadri - Easy Access - Web Collaboration Portal
  5. TILOS - Linear Planning and Scheduling Tool providing Time Location Charts for linear project schedules
  6. VisionLink - Unified Fleet - Mixed Fleet Asset Management Platform for Health, Maintenance, Utilization and Asset Management
  7. VisionLink - Unified Productivity - Mixed Fleet Cycle Monitoring, Load Count Tracking, Payload Monitoring, 3D Production Tracking and Intelligent Compaction
  8. VisionLink - Landfill - Mixed Fleet Landfill Compaction Operation Management


In the past we have talked about the Construction Continuum - that being the management of the Civil Construction Process from Conception through to Completion and on to Maintain / Operate, and while that is still a part of the new message, it was felt that connecting Design - Construction and Office to Field Operations throughout the Project Lifecycle was more in line with what we are doing as a business - hence the change to


Trimble Connected Construction


As we start to close out 2018 and look forward to 2019, the Connected Site 2.0 will be in test during Q1 and released to market in Q2 - this will be an exciting year for Trimble System users