Alan Sharp

TBC v5 Released

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Nov 19, 2018

With the release today of TBC v5 I am posting some information that may assist all those contractors out there move to the new version.


The enclosed Menu Ribbon Files may be useful to you these include the Side Toolbars as well as the Menus that are familiar to those of you that used BC-HCE v4.12 etc.


There are 3 Ribbon Files -


  1. Full Ribbon - All Menus and All Commands
  2. Cut Down Ribbon - Has some of the Menus removed / turned off and has commands duplicated on Toolbars and Menus
  3. Cut Down Ribbon with Duplicate Commands removed from the Ribbons where the commands are on the toolbars provided (This is the one that I use most - it forces you to use the Context menus and the Toolbars rather than keep hopping between Menus - when you get used to it it does make you a faster and stronger user.


I even Took Wayne Welshan's advice and purchased a Gaming Mouse (I may never forgive you Wayne ....) - now I have Flashing Lights and a host of Shortcuts on my mouse to get used to - Never was one for playing the Piano but I am getting close - who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks - I will let you know how I get on with it ....


You may get an Error Exception when you load them, that is caused by the Support - Set Ribbon Tabs command - In there you will find an Option that states "Show Only Licensed Tabs" - turn that off and you will be good to go and can ignore the exception that was thrown.


In that same command you can turn on and off Menu Tabs that you do / don't want from those in the Menu Setup provided. Use this to Turn things On / Off. If you want to customize the Ribbons you will need to start from here and use the Customize Command to change the Menus Layouts to what you want.


You will also find under Support - Options that at the top of the Dialog you have the option to select Theme Options - Traditional (BC-HCE Look and Feel)  or Light (TBC v5 Look and Feel). The setting for Use Large Icons for Quick Access Toolbars is also now in this dialog (Used to be in Set Menu Layout before).


Hope that this answers the immediate questions, I am sure you will have many - please don't hesitate to ask.


  1. Download the Ribbons and place them somewhere in My Documents
  2. Load them using Support - Customize Ribbon - Import
  3. Use Ste Ribbon Tabs to select the Menus you want turned on
  4. I recommend Exiting TBC that way the Setup is saved for the future.
  5. You may also want to Export your preferred Setup using Customize Ribbon - Export so you have your defaults as you need them.


Happy TBC 5ing....