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Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Nov 30, 2018

If you haven't already checked this out, you should - you can get a number of "free" macro tools to use with TBC v5


The Macro Forum can be found at this link


Click Here


The following Macro's are out there today for you


  1. Insert Line Segment - an easy way to insert additional nodes into existing linestrings without the overhead of the Linestring Editor
  2. VPI at Elevation - Creates VPIs on a selected Linestring at a specified elevation, wherever the elevation exists on the linestring as it is defined currently. This is helpful if you have 3D Lines e.g. that represent Bridge Piers, and you are trying to create locations on those lines for e.g. a Concrete pour at a specified elevation. Note that you can also draw additional lines that snap to the VPI locations once created if you need to create the slab itself etc.
  3. Find Surface Area - allows you to select any boundary area on a surface Model that has been textures, site improvement or just a closed line that is an area for which you need to know the Surface Area of the triangles included within the area. You can single or multi select lines to get combined areas. The "mini report" can be placed on the drawing as text if needed to label the areas
  4. Offset Surface - Allows you to select a surface and apply a surface offset above or below the existing surface to create a second surface at the offset value
  5. Surface to Grid - Allows you to create a Grid of Points on a defined Grid pattern from a 3D Surface Model. This saves having to use the Create Surface Elevation Grid that has a lot of Text, and it works super fast on large area surveys. A great way to cut down Drone or Scan Point Clouds to a regular grid. You can do this reference to an alignment and specify Station and Offset Intervals separately, you can export a points file and then auto reimport the points as a point cloud if needed. You can also compare the selected surface to another surface and report the deltas between the Grid points and the second surface for QA purposes. Awesome TML!
  6. Assign Name from Layers - for those of you that want to rapidly name a lot of lines using the name of the Layer that the Line is on as the new name for the objects (optionally ignoring names if they already exist) as a process before sending data to the field - you now have your tool!


Keep watching the Macros Forum - awesome productivity tools