Alan Sharp

The Best $30 You Will Ever Spend

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Nov 30, 2018
Get Yourself a Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse! Best $30 you will ever spend - Where have you been all my life ....
Thank you Wayne Welshans - You just made TBC v5 at least 20% more productive. If you don't have one of these, get one (or something similar) and buy Wayne Welshans a Beer when you next bump into him (you will have time for more than one beer with the time this baby will save you).

For Demos / Practical Use this is an awesome addition for $30 if you are selling / showing / using software. There are 12 programmable keys on the mouse with 2 functions per key. You can create Profiles (for different work methods / processes) and you can cycle profiles with one click). 

You can record Macros and assign the macros to a key (so if you have a key stroke sequence that you are doing a lot e.g. in Linestring command you want to always hop from one field to another field that s normally e.g. Tab Tab Tab Tab you can record a Macro to do that and assign it to a key on the mouse so you press one button and it jumps over the 4 tabs in one click!
You can add Enter, Tab, Shift Tab and Space Bar to the 4 easiest access buttons, and then when you are digitizing you can press Enter on the mouse to accept a value / null value and create a node on a linestring, if you are adding VPIs to a 2D line you can do it all on the mouse with one hand and the numeric keys on the other 
No more Wimbledon effect (going left to right on the screen to access fields on the dialog boxes - ooooh (for those Americans that don't know Wimbledon it is a Tennis Tournament in England and also the home or the Wombles (look them up!)
Productivity Gain or what !!!! Thank you Logitech