Alan Sharp

Happy Christmas and New Year To All TBCers

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Dec 19, 2018


For all of you that have become daily readers / posters on the TBC for Construction Forum, I would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and motivation about the product and for learning / absorbing through this forum.


When I was asked to help kick start this in June, I did not know where this would end up, we are seeing an incredible growth in participation and daily communication and both Q&A as well as Feature Enhancement Requests and Feedback. 


For me it is great interacting with you all and getting / gathering your input, there have been a few surprises along the way for sure, but we hope that this "2 way street" is helpful and informative for you and in 6 months we for sure have built up a lot of great information that has been useful to many users so far. I believe that collectively we have made this a success and I look forward to continuing this in the New Year. Thank you to all of those that are helping other users out there through your own responses - our goals for the Forum are that either all the questions have been asked and answered or that as a user community you will help each other more and more through the sharing of ideas, successes and hopefully not so many failures - someone once said if you never failed you can't have been trying that hard ! ....


I am heading out for Christmas PTO starting Thursday 20th Dec and will be back at work on Jan 4th. Others in the team may pick up on some requests over the Christmas Period, however I will for sure get back on this in the New Year. Apologies if the delay in responses causes any production issues for you, if it is causing issues, please contact your local SITECH dealer and have them work with Trimble Support to get you answers or assistance as needed.


I am looking forward to 2019, we are planning 2x PUG Conferences in Colorado - one in the Spring and one in the Autumn, and we are planning some regional activities also with the same type of theme. If you have ideas for things that you would like to learn, discuss etc at such an event, please let me know in response to this post and I will take all input into consideration as we put together the agenda and plans for the events.


On behalf of Trimble and the entire TBC Product Management, Development, and Sales Team i want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued business, support, enthusiasm and interest in TBC and other Trimble products, and we look forward to worming even closer with you all in 2019. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Don't forget to ask Santa for that extra license of TBC and especially a Logitech G600 (or similar) Gaming Mouse - my favorite thing from 2018 (and I think the biggest addition to my personal TBC productivity)


Happy Modeling