Alan Sharp

Trimble Access Roading and TBC

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Mar 14, 2019

I am getting more and more questions relating to Trimble Access, and Roading especially so I am starting this Blog to try and capture the issues and responses and other useful tools to assist all you Contractors using Access out there.


I am not the expert on Trimble Access, it has been a while since I really used the product, however through discussions with the Geospatial team and being provided answers to some questions internally I will try to add some value here for you also. If you have input on any subject raised, please feel free to add detail to this Blog post.


Starting this am, I was asked a question about the support for Bentley MX GENIO Files in Trimble Access - the customer was provided a large GENIO file that imported fine into TBC yet would not open in Access. I have currently recommended that he take the GENIO File through TBC and use the Export Option under Corridor called Trimble Access Road Strings to re-export it to a new GENIO File for use on Access. 


The reason it may be failing could be that it is too large to open on the device the customer is using. Failing that it could be that the GENIO file has some issue that Access doesn't like, so washing the file through TBC may resolve the issue. Failing that I guess I will be looking at the file tomorrow to see whats up ....


The Geospatial Team provided the enclosed Manuals as a reference - I am posting them here as they may also be helpful to others out there - I have not read these yet so I cannot comment further at this point.


Hope that this helps - I have an action to work through the RXL Export process, but this is not used by the CEC Products so it is not my highest priority right now, but I hope to get to that for you next week and I will make some comments on that at that time.