Alan Sharp

Showcase Your Project Work

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on May 7, 2019

Attention All TBC Construction Users Out There


On a daily basis I see great work being carried out using TBC by you all, covering a wide range of activities for Data Prep, Takeoff, Site Survey and As Builts etc. from Site Models to Corridors, to Retaining Walls to Building Footing Excavations and to Bridges and Structures etc. 


As a team we would like to see the work that you are doing showcased here, to allow us to better understand what you can / are achieving using the software in different aspects of your work. We are interested in your Project Models, Your Takeoffs, Your Reports and Outputs - anything that you are proud of we would like to see if you are prepared to share - especially cool or interesting workflows, corner cases or challenging projects (Size or scope etc.) 


Please post here short articles, pictures, example outputs with a description, and if you can / are prepared to share the projects, libraries, outputs all the better.


Where you can see improvements to the software that could game change your productivity, model quality or output quality please let us know (I am sure you will ....)


Show us what you are doing and what you are capable of !