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Customer Success Stories

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on May 10, 2019

Attention all SITECHs out there ....


Every day I have discussions with SITECH staff about projects that we end up working together, where we are collectively solving customer project problems to get people up and running with models or takeoffs or reports or field data generation etc.


I would like to have you guys (or the end users that we are working with) to post Success Stories out here where we work together to solve real world problems. 


Please post your stories with Site Photos or videos, TBC Model Screen Grabs or Reports etc., A Project Summary (type of project, location, problem to be solved etc.) - you can be vague about end user company, specific project name or location if need's be to capture what we did to get the project going or make it more successful


I hope that through these we can really help our user base see what is possible with the product and with the backing of SITECH and Trimble personnel


Post away ... I will get the ball rolling here with a case study that I worked on for the UK team earlier this week to give you an example