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Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on May 16, 2019

All of the TBC Users out there that are using the forum as a reference, I am going to ask you to help me in my quest to give you better support and help on the product by using the forum to a greater degree going forwards.


As you may see when you are in the Forum, the forum captures a lot of useful data, here are some examples


  1. About where people are logging in from - this helps us determine the Global Reach of this tool and how well it is supporting you globally rather than just locally in the USA - it also helps us to understand how important TBC is for Contractors in different regions of the world and that helps us to focus our efforts on better solving those regions problems etc.
  2. What Questions, Blogs, Discussions etc are most interesting or useful to you. We have some categories that we track for example like Corridors, Data Prep, Takeoff, Field Data, Plotting and Drafting, Mass Haul etc that help us to track the importance of those subjects to you as users and from that we can gauge where our focus should be in product development
  3. Sentiment - when you say you like something, that gives it a sentiment scoring - the more likes an article or post gets the higher the sentiment value it gets - that helps us determine where to spend our time - we want to give you more of what you like and less of what you don't like etc.


So all of the above depends heavily on the following


  1. We know that a huge number of people use the forum daily, however a large number of you don't log in so while you "hit a page / blog / question etc" and view its content, we only know that you hit it, we don't know who, where from or any sentiment about what you thought, because you cannot interact with the forum if you don't log in -  so my request here is that you get a Trimble ID (go To Connect.Trimble.Com and select Get Started and that will walk you through the process of getting a Trimble ID - note you can use that Trimble ID in TBC to set up a Profile (Options - External Profiles - Connect and enter your email address and Password (your Trimble ID) and now you have access to the Background Map Service and the ability to use Trimble Connect as a Web Repository and tools like Save Remote File, Open Remote File etc. Now you have a Trimble ID - please log in to the forum to help me better track its use and to drive increased funding for this initiative in Trimble.
  2. While using the Forum, now that you are logged in, if you read a Question / Answer or a Post on a Blog, let us know if you a) Liked the Post and b) found it helpful - those are simple one click switches at the base of the post that you tap once to register a Like or a helpful - that helps to get the statistics better for me to gauge what you are finding useful or interesting etc. and that will help drive my / our behavior on your behalf.
  3. Please also post comments - even if short if you have any as those really help me to gauge how bi a problem something is and I can then try to create more materials or videos etc to better clarify the problem and solution etc.


I will also take this opportunity to thank all of those that are now hitting the forum daily - I can see that some of you make it a part of your daily routine now to look at what is going on. We have fixed so many small bugs and defects and improved so many workflows already because of your collective feedback, it has been awesome so far. I ran some quick numbers the other day that you may find interesting as a reference to this


  1. In the last 10 months (we started in July 2018) we have
    1. Posted 33 Blogs - that have multiple entries and have had an estimated 39000 views
    2. Posted 168 Documents - that have had an estimated 9300 Downloads
    3. Had 39 Discussions that have had an estimated 10500 Views
    4. Answered 483 Questions that have had an estimated 283000 Views
    5. We have posted many videos in Posts and Blogs etc, but in addition we have posted 5 extra videos as uploads that have had an estimated 2000 views
    6. We have posted 7 Events so far and we don't know specifically how many views, but we do know that we have filled 3 PUG Events and had a massive increase in Webinar Attendance as a result of the Forum


When you consider the Snowball effect of this overtime, the hit rate and interaction rate is increasing rapidly today, but even if we look at the above over a 10 month period, this has generated over 380000 separate interactions which is an average of 38000 / month or ~10000 per week which is awesome as a start and we know we are only scratching the surface here.


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, I see huge value in this dialog between Trimble - SITECH - User that has been generating a lot of internal momentum - we really appreciate your energy, enthusiasm and passion for what we are trying to do here and with the product, and I personally greatly appreciate the industry friendship that this has created for me




Alan Sharp