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Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Jan 25, 2020

As many of you may be aware, I am leaving Trimble at the end of next week to join Rockpile Solutions. Rockpile Solutions is being hired as an Authorized Trimble Consultant to provide various services including


  1. The continuation of the development of the CEC Community Forum for Trimble Business Center
  2. The Power User Group Training Sessions worldwide
  3. The continued development of the TBC User Community
  4. To assist Trimble to build out the Training Portal for Software Certification
  5. To provide consulting Services with Key Accounts and Major Projects globally


We will also be available to Trimble dealers and customers globally to provide advanced support under a Rockpile Support Services Agreement should you want to tap into our support or training capabilities. 


In addition Rockpile Solutions will be providing TML and TBC Programming Services as an Authorized Trimble Developer. We will also be continuing to develop the TML Macro Programming community with assistance from key Trimble personnel like Gary Lantaff and the Product Management Team. In this role we will be providing tools like TML Status, the eCommerce requirements for licensing and sales of TML Subscriptions as well as providing QA, Testing, Documentation and Marketing Services as well as TML Tools for 3rd Party TML developers.


Rockpile Solutions will also be developing additional software solutions that provide solutions that integrate with and leverage the solutions offered by Trimble.


While our main focus will be in the CEC sector, we are open to providing solutions to Trimble CEC and Geospatial Customers globally, and will be working closely with the Trimble Channel partners.


As of February 1 you can reach me at the following contact locations



Mobile: 720 323 0481 (for those of you that have my 720 347 2850 number it will be changing over this coming week)



It will likely take a few weeks to get all of the systems and people in place for this transition to be completed, and I look forward to continuing to work with you in 2020


Thanks for all the fun times and support that you have given me and Trimble over the years, I really appreciate the connections and contacts that I have made through Trimble and it's global channel partners over the past 32 years and I hope that we can continue to evolve together over the coming years.


Thank you


Alan Sharp