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Please Share Your Data

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on May 6, 2020

Please Help Us to Help You


A vast majority of technical issues that get reported on the Forum are "Data Related". This morning there have been at least 4 posts where people are asking for help and are having issues with one command or another and the majority of them are most likely Data Related. Without the Data it is almost impossible to give you the help you are asking for - please provide the data and in the data try to do one or more of the following to assist us


1) Set up a View Filter that shows the data that has the problem and tell us which view filter to look at

2) Send only the data that has the problem to us as a VCL export to minimize the information we have to look through

3) Highlight the area of the project to look at specifically Pre and Post Problem

4) Tell us the command that you are running and the settings that you are using and the data that you are selecting to do the computation or report or whatever. If possible Name the Lines / Boundaries, Points etc in such a way that we can easily find them

5) If possible record a short video of the problem - this way we can see the settings and view filters that you are using to recreate the problem. Screenshots also work to assist diagnosis.


It often takes a lot of time to open the file and just find the problem you are asking about, any help that you can provide would help enormously. And remember that without the data it is often going to be impossible to answer the question unless someone else has asked the same question previously and we already know the problem / Answer / Work Around.


Please also remember to tell us which version of TBC you are running. We will likely run the test in the latest release version first, and if it works in that release it is likely that you may need to upgrade to the latest version in order to get a fix if it turns out to be a bug in an earlier version.


If you feel that you cannot share the data through the forum, please email me the files or a link to the files to /


Thanks for your assistance