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Business Center - HCE v4.12 Patch Released Yesterday. Use Check For Updates inside Business Center v4.11 to get the patch added to your installation.


Enclosed are the Release Notes for the Patch - Mostly Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements, but a couple of good items in here that will be useful to many


  1. LandXML import gives more options to ceate Layers during Import to separate out the data contained in the LandXML file. This makes data faster to use and understand
  2. Improvements to PDF Vector Extraction in terms of Layer Management and Layer Grouping, especially where the PDF is Layered and is coming from a known source wher you can set up a project Template with Layers and Layer Groups already defined - this means that you can organize data from a PDF quickly and easily as it is imported.
  3. Image Plotting is greatly improved for High Resolution Images
  4. Create Subgrade Surfaces has been fixed and works well again - awesome
  5. The Area Length Count Report on large data now runs in a fraction of the time it did before - Great for 2D Takeoff
  6. Minor improvements but large gains in the Standardize Layer Command - you can now use the Shift Key to select individual or Groups of Objects and assign them to a Layer and not just a while layer to a Layer.
  7. MX, 12DAZ and Trimble Earthworks .DSZ files can now be imported or have improved import capabilities


Hope that you find this release to be an improvement and has increased robustness - there are many small defects that have been addressed in the release that are not captured here in the release notes.


Happy Modeling



Many people have asked if they can access the PUG Training Class Materials from the last class held in Colorado in August 2018 using v4.11 of Business Center - HCE. In this Blog I am going to post the Materials and Videos of the session content here so you can follow the sessions in your own time. The Example Projects and Data Sets are quite Large so I have posted those on a Public Google Drive - Click Here To Access


The PUG Conference was a 3 Day event and covered a wide range f Materials. Each Session will be entered as a new Blog Entry in this thread. As the Blog Entry is made I will post the video here and all of the supporting materials on the Google Drive as a Zip File for the session.


I hope that you find this content useful and that it inspires you to attend a future PUG session here in Sunny Colorado.


Happy Modeling

Alan Sharp

One thing that I am finding when visiting customers around the US is that they have not heard of the Trimble Library. This is an awesome training and learning resource where we post a large number of training videos covering most aspects of the BC-HCE application. 


The library can be found at this URL  and can also be accessed by the CEC Forum home page (where you access the BC-HCE Community from (It is mis-named Trimble Product Previews - it is way more than demos of the product).


Try it out - it will also shortly be linked to the Trimble ID system so you will only need one login for all things Trimble. In the mean time sign up for a Library account - you can use the same credentials as you use for Trimble ID, that way when we switch over you should just be able to keep using it without a hitch.


Some of the content is Free, some titles carry a minimal charge of $1.99 and some Titles that cover an entire class of >10 hours of training videos cost ~$20.


The Trimble Library is also available as a free APP on the Google Play and Apple App Store, and this allows you to watch your content from your smart phone or tablet device.


Corporate rates are also available to license all content for X users for a year at a time, this reduces your total outlay as a corporation and gives all of your users access to all content for a 12 month period. If you need more information, email me at 


Helping Yourself is an important step in getting the best out of the BC-HCE application and making yourself as productive as possible. Just like the forum it is a great tool to assist your development as a user.





2 weeks out now and we are ramping up for what we hope will be an awesome event. Having changed venues to the ALOFT Hotel to increase capacity we are now full, and ready to get to work on "Topping Up" those user skills for the attendees. 


This Blog will track the event and get user input during each day as to what is going on and what they are finding useful, please follow and contribute as you see fit to capture the essence of the conference for people that could not attend.


Looking to see all of you at the ALOFT bright and early on August 21st


PUG 2018 Conference LogoAlan Sharp

Business Area Director - CEC Software Solutions

The Trimble Business Center-HCE Lunch & learn Events the last few days were a great success! Trimble and our SITECH Partners are helping Civil Contractors reduce rework and increase profitability. Reach out to us to assist with your next events / Business Center - HCE | Trimble Civil Engineering and Construction 

Yesterday I was with a key customer on the Road Corridor side of the business. We got into discussions about what methods they could / should use for importing data primarily from the Civil Design Packages out there (they were using InRoads on Design Build Projects). They were unaware of a very small change that we have made in v4.11 of BC-HCE that when importing a LandXML File you can now use the Description Field associated with Feature Lines (as well as the Code Field) in the Landxml file to create or use Layers that exist in the project.


The key benefit of this is that before this all LandXML data ends up on Layer 0 irrespective of how it is meant to be used or how it was in the source CAD system. This also means that the Layers can pre exist in your template with Colors, Linestyles, Lineweights and those will be adopted after import - giving you a Layered, Grouped, Colored Linestyled, Lineweighted set of data to work with - This is huge in the Data Transfer space.

I was working with some users yesterday on a large project that they are flying monthly with drones to create point clouds that they then use to create "Work In Progress" surface models for volumetric analysis purposes. As we all know Point Clouds can be "huge" and we typically don't need to model the surface with every point in the point cloud. In the discussion the users asked me how to model different areas of the project at different point densities - so that they could model some areas with High Density (HD) and some areas at a Low Density (LD). I thought that this was an interesting workflow to document for the benefit of all users out there. Attached to this post is a Word Document that you can download that describes the process, and workflow benefits that Business Center - HCE provides in this process.


Below is a "Zoomed In" view of the final model TIN that shows the variable Point Density areas


Zoomed In Area of an HD/LD Surface Model in Business Center - HCE


This approach allows you to model complex project areas at one resolution and less complex areas at a lower resolution for volume purposes, the overall intent to keep the surface model size as low as possible whilst keeping the "fidelity" of the surface model high in the areas that matter most.


I hope that you find this useful


Alan Sharp

laser point clouds