• TML Update

    Trimble asked me today to start a post on the forum here on the TML Library update that was made the week of July 4th, and that I will update as we move into the future.   Trimble and Rockpile Solutions have for...
    Alan Sharp
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  • TBC has stopped working error

    I have been getting this error on and off since I updated to 5.30.  I am unable to open any projects or even a default project.  Any help would be appreciated.   Tysen
    Tysen Ellison
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  • Site Calibration Error

    Anyone ever come across this while trying to import a site cal?  
    Matthew Pitt
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  • Is it possible to create a vertical curve using points?

    Is it possible to create a vertical curve using topo shots along the baseline of an existing road?    Ideally I would use these curves in the VAL tab after creating them, since I don't believe it is possibl...
    David Bonds
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    Tengo un problema como puedo invertir la triangulacion en el TBC, si esta triangulacion la importe de un dibujo de autocad (3d face) al  TBC y posteriormente genere la superficie pero no consigo intercambiar tri...
  • How do I view SCS900 designs on an iPad?

    The closest app I've seen to this is the Trimble Connect App.   On an iPad, want to be able to:   1. view the design in 2D superimposed over the pdf plans. 2. view the ttm surface in 3D combined with the ...
    Matt Eklund
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  • Machine control files with Trimble access

    Hi all,   I'm using Trimble access and struggling to get the files off the TSC3 which I need for setting up the machine control on to the Dozer system (CB460). I have done the site calibration on the rover, I'm ...
    Dan Theman
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  • Macros : Dwg exported from a cross section surface

    Hi guys, Someone of you has created a macros with the possibility to export a section from the operation"Funtion of division of surface" ?   A lot of costumers ask for this. They want to have the profile...
    Stefano Ruben Presezzi
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  • Errors: Geoid Does Not Exist and The coordinate system could not be exported.Reduce the extents and try again.

    I am trying to export Machine Control from TBC V 5.1. I am exporting in GCS900 Controller Version 12.4 because the contractor has not updated every machine on site. I have done this same model before and I am just try...
    Marshall Cant
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  • color change based on data?

    Im using TBC 5.0.     I have the following data successfully uploaded to TBC.  Point ID, Northing, Easting, Elevation, Speed(mph)   in TBC is it possible to change the color of the point ...
    Daniel Anaya
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  • DSZ. Exports in TBC 5.0+

    Before TBC 5.0+ we had a client ask for DSZ files, we were able to successfully export these requested files out to them after following the Helps menus step by step guide when we had TBC 4.60 installed. That guide is...
    last modified by CAMERON TOMKINS
  • Station Offset Elevation Report Window

    I noticed that the Station Offset Elevation report options window does not show the Cancel 'button'. I tried expanding, undocking, re-docking and cannot get it to appear. I am using a 4K monitor but I tested on a HD ...
    Marshall Cant
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  • How do I duplicate a Sheet Set?

    I have created a Sheet set and am happy with the settings and format.  How do I create a duplicate of this sheet set?  I want the same settings except I'm going to select a different corridor.
    Matt Eklund
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  • Layer Manager 5.01 Patch

    I want to thank the product managers and programmers for updating the options in the LAYER MANAGER in the 5.01 Patch.  you can now select an object and run Layer Manager and the layer of the object is selected.&#...
    Ron Ciccarone
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  • Edit out brush from a point cloud in TBC

      Here is how I reclassify brush in a point cloud using TBC.
    Matt Eklund
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  • Import Error Message with dwg after 5.0 Patch

    I get the following error message when trying to import the attached CAD file into TBC and I am not sure what the error code is referring too. I have the latest patch installed.    What I know about the CAD...
    Patrick L'heureux
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