• Pointcloud error, somtimes before and now almost every time.

    Hi!   Anyone have the same issue or maybe know whats wrong? For some time i been having this issue in some projects (a small amount) and a restart usally does the trick. But now its a bigger problem, now its alm...
    Fredrik Bergström
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  • Points created - Not Visible

    On an alignment that I have created, I created some points that are offset.  They are not visible.  I have tried creating them in multiple layers, new layers, etc.  I have double checked the "show Disco...
    Robert Stallings
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    I have been having an issues for some time now when it comes to selection objects in particular linestrings.  It started when I went to 5.x.  What is happening is that when objects are to close together or o...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Points - Station/Offset Label

    Can you quickly add a Station/Offset label to a point description and it dynamically link to the point so that if the point or alignment is moved then the Station/Offset updates?
    Glenn Etienne
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  • Importing an "asc." LIDAR file into Trimble HCE 5.10

    Hi there, I am fairly new to Trimble, and I am wondering how to import a LIDAR topography into trimble as an "asc." file, which is the only version that was available from the owner. Is this possible, or is there a wa...
    Kaden Dauter
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  • TBC 5.1v Locks-Up during export function

    TBC 5.1v Locks-Up during export. After the export dialog opens, the software freezes up causing me to use the task manager to close the program. Has any one else ran into this issue? If so, please let me know if the...
    Brian Van Pelt
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  • Heads up - Individual polylines can be set to not visible

    https://community.trimble.com/message/20834-re-convert-to-linestring-weird-results?commentID=20834&et=watches.email.thread   When using the Convert to Linestring TML, I had a lot of extra linework all of a s...
  • como puedo crear vistas simultaneas o dinámicas en planta como en 3d

    carlos togaflores
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  • Customize Ribbon (search) - Create Side Slope

    I'm currently looking for create side slope command in my customize ribbon and I can't seem to find it (Maybe I'm blind). I'm having to open the command pane and run it every time I want to use it. It would be nice if...
    Erik Petersen
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    Tengo un problema como puedo invertir la triangulacion en el TBC, si esta triangulacion la importe de un dibujo de autocad (3d face) al  TBC y posteriormente genere la superficie pero no consigo intercambiar tri...
  • Working With SCS900 and Siteworks

    In line with some of the other Blog Posts - I decided that I would start to capture commonly requested information about working with SCS900 and Siteworks products and TBC combined. In this Blog I will post informatio...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Copy And Paste Between Projects

    If I want to take some info from one project and put it in another I currently export it as a dxf and then import the dxf into my new project, this feels time consuming and after a while you end up with a load of dxf ...
    Fred Lusted
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  • Export Points with Layers

    I created points on different layers in TBC, and I want to be able to export all of them with their layer attributes in one point file and then import them into a data collector and have them go to their respective la...
    MIchael Stallings
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  • way to export to .JXL when I have GC points but no calibration file

    I'm very new to TBC and have only used it in conjunction with Trimble Stratus to process my drone survey flights. Normally I just retrieve the .cal file from one of our guys Trimble rovers and convert that to a .JXL i...
    John Pearson
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  • KUDOs for development; Corridor table copy.

    What can I say? I'm a fan. Combined with Best and Across tolerance I don't see how it could be much easier. Big time saver. Most of the work is done in excel. And if you properly place the elevation view and create ...
    Richard Tyndall
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    I'm unsure how to predict what my imported points will look like.   CSVs, SPJs, etc.  Little "circles" or "dots"  Point style labels are another whole thing...   At times it seems nothing I do af...
    Danny Kaser
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  • XYZ to LAS?

    Hi!   Is there a easy way to convert a XYZ file to .LAS format? I tried to import a 20MB XYZ (1 millin points) to TBC but that does not work.....;)
    Fredrik Bergström
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  • APAC Region - Power User Group (PUG) Training for TBC Users

    11/17/19 5:00 PM
    Save The Date! Asia Pacific Regional Power User Group (PUG) Training Trimble Business Center - Construction November 18th - 20th 2019     When / Where Is The Event? Trimble is pleased to announce a...
    Alan Sharp
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    APAC Region - Power User Group (PUG) Training for TBC Users
  • cutting plane bug with shallow 3 point plane

    Hi, there seems to be a bug when defining a shallow 3 point plane. Only if the slope is high enough the plane is created properly.   Its not just a matter of vizualization, lines or arcs which are drawn in a cu...
    Ronny Schneider
    created by Ronny Schneider
  • Is BC-HCE not able to import linework from DGNs with multiple model spaces?

    I have two DGNs. One with multiple model spaces and one without. The one with one model space, "11238Qply_Newingto - One Model Space" I am able to successfully import the linework into BC. The one with multiple model ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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