• NEED non-rectangular clipping option when geo-referencing PDF's!

    Overlap on geo-referencing PDF's that have match lines in non-rectangular format creates so much extra work when cleaning up extracted vector PDF data.   We need to be able to have a polygon clipping tool to fit...
    Tylor Foster
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  • TBC Power Hours for Construction

    I will be posting Links and Content Download for all the TBC Power Hours for Construction on this Blog going forwards. The Power Hour concept was initiated by the Geospatial Team a couple of years ago and has been hug...
    Alan Sharp
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  • TBC Power Hour - Working with the Create Vertical Design Tool in TBC

    8/12/20 8:00 AM
    Working with the Create Vertical Design Tool in TBC   When:  Wednesday, August 12, 2020  8AM - 9:00AM PST (GMT-7)  11AM - 12PM EST (GMT-4)  5PM - 6PM CEST (GMT+2)   Hosts: Nick Fifarek, D...
    Sanjeev Saha
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    TBC Power Hour - Working with the Create Vertical Design Tool in TBC
  • TML Update

    Trimble asked me today to start a post on the forum here on the TML Library update that was made the week of July 4th, and that I will update as we move into the future.   Trimble and Rockpile Solutions have for...
    Alan Sharp
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  • CAD profile to Business Center

    Could you or did you create a video on the "Best Practice" of transferring an AutoCAD profile into Business center to be utilized with a Horizontal alignment on the proper station and scale? Thank you.
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  • Duplicate Corridor

    I am still in the stages of playing with Corridors and making one corridor mutliple times.  So, here is where are here in our office.  The higher up people choose to have two seperate reports and at time mor...
    Francisco Guerrero
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  • Node numbers in corridor templates

    When adding reference lines to a corridor, is there a way to control which node number gets assigned to each reference line?   I am working on a highway project with very many crossovers, all of which have t...
    Wayne Welshans
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  • Create Alignments Layer Default

    I would like to see the Layer name default back to the last used layer or close command check box added to the Create Alignment command. enhancement requests We create alignments for each curb linestring for staking ...
    Thomas Mauriello
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  • Advanced Corridor Modeling

    As I spend more time with Dealers and Customers, I have found that there are many things in Corridor Modeling that are either unknown or mis-understood. Over the next few weeks  am going to post some blog entries...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Explode Corridor Surface and Breaklines

    Below is a clip of a MSE wall model that I've created with the copy/paste table and Best & BL Across property option in the Create Corridor routine. The model is made up of 3 corridor surfaces. "Bottom of wall" in...
    Richard Tyndall
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  • TBC 5.30 Vector PDF Cross Sections Issue

    Hello All,     I have a small project that sent us the vectorized PDF Cross Sections. After trying to import the PDF into TBC to use the 'digitize cross-section' tool, the software will not import the vecto...
    Andy Deveney
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  • TBC Power Hour - Macros Update

    6/17/20 9:00 AM
    Join us on Wednesday this week for a TBC Power Hour that addresses the latest updates and new tools relating to Macros for Trimble Business Center.    Click Here to register for the Webinar   Thanks &...
    Alan Sharp
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    TBC Power Hour - Macros Update
  • TBC 5.0 Corridor problems not exporting the full template

    I am using TBC V5.0 (waiting on IT to approve an update). Trying to create a simple corridor of just tangent an offset 26' right and a side slope 1.8:1. I have my horizontal and vertical alignments everything looks pe...
    Mia/Joel Garcia
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  • Station and offset reports

    I have created CL beams for a bridge and made each one an alignment so that I can generate a station and offset report on 10th points for each beam. When I run the report, my first and last point are not coming up. Th...
    Sean McCarthy
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  • How to add textures to corridors?

    I was wondering if there was a quick way to add textures to your corridor surfaces?  I am sure you need to use the MSI but I am not real comfortable with it.  And on that note is there a place to go get good...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Corridor Template - Reference Surface wrong vertically?

    I got this issue raised to me today so I thought I would capture it here for all to be aware of. The problem was identified by a User. They had built a Road Model as two corridors. One corridor for the left side, the ...
    Alan Sharp
    created by Alan Sharp
  • Zone embankment in corridor definition

    Hello,   I am trying to define a corridor template for a zoned embankment.   Specs I am bound by are quite simple:   If fill is less then 2m in thickness-> use only class A1 material. If fill is ...
    Marian Plucinski
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  • How to tie two designed surfaces together?

    Anyone know the best way to tie two surfaces together? I have a surface coming in at an angle and would like to make a smooth transition with correct slopes. Thanks.  
    Pablo Giraldo
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  • Export Trimble Access Road Strings Error

    (Backstory) I am hunting for the best option to be able to reuse my corridor build to perform stakeout operations in the field. Specifically i am attempting to cut out the need for my field guys from having to key in ...
    Joe Melchiori
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  • Corridor Template Crashes 5.20

    When I try to make a template for my corridor 5.20 crashes.  Completely shuts down business center. I'm using command "InsertCorridorTemplate" It does it on all jobs so I don't think it is a data problem I hav...
    ron fucinaro
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