• Feature Request - Customize Tabs Export One Tab

    I think it would be of value to have the ability to export only certain tabs. Before upgrading to TB-HCE 4, I had gone through and made a tab that match my work flow, taking bits from all of the tabs I bounce around i...
    Patrick L'heureux
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    I am looking for a truck turning radius TML similar to the one we used to be able to get for Terramodel.  I think Geocomp made the one for Terramodel originally.  We do a lot of design builds for grain eleva...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Alignment Geometry Report

    Is there a way to run multiple or all Alignment Geometry Reports at one time? There's usually several alignments in most projects, recently I had a project with 53 alignments.
    Eric Schmeusser
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  • Copy Corridor Table ?

    Trying to wrap my head around an issue with coping table in corridor.   When I copy a offset/slope table,  the slope gets copied in the VC Length column.  What am i missing to get the slope in the ...
    Francisco Guerrero
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  • Mass Haul Reverse Direction

    I am creating a Mass Haul with TBC. For constructability reasons we are starting from the the end of the chainage instead of the Start. Is there any way I can illustrate my mass haul to show excavation 0m3 at the end ...
    Karla Firth
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  • Feature Request - Side Slope Command Enhancement

    I've started to really dig deep into the use of the Side Slope command. I think it's going in the right direction but its not 100% there yet. The circumstances i am currently using it are to build corridor type featur...
    Joe Melchiori
    last modified by Joe Melchiori

    This is something I have been running into a lot of lately.  If you try to copy selected rows from a table to paste into another table for a template command the it doesn't come across clean or correct even thoug...
    Ben Ryschon
    last modified by Ben Ryschon

    I am having one hell of a time with this option to assign a code to your template instruction.  I have never needed them before but its is like it is forcing me to use it in order for certain things on the comman...
    Ben Ryschon
    created by Ben Ryschon
  • Line work getting cut off in SCS900/Siteworks

    After updating LW and sending it to the field I got a call that the station line was missing.  I looked into it more and its not missing its getting cut off at the limit of my surface.  The LW that was added...
    Jason Smyth
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  • What is the small red exclamation dot next to FG corridor surface?

    I am about halfway through a rather large corridor project. I glanced over at my surfaces listed under my corridor and found that my final grade surface appears to be a different symbol than all other material surface...
    Joe Melchiori
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  • Alternative to Merge Surfaces

    I'm trying to optimize my workflow with using the included "Finish design" surface in TBC.   For the moment, I am on hold with vertical design tools (too many bugs for me currently) and am not the biggest fan of...
    Adam Bower
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  • Elevation from at a station from a vertical profile on an alignment

    I am making the switch from Leica/Carlson to TBC Trimble. I am used to finding an elevation for a station referencing a vertical profile by going into an alignment editor page and typing in the station. The elevation ...
    Patrick Vradenburg
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  • Flatten an Alignment

    I exported my Mass Haul to Tilos. How do you flatten an alignment in Business Center to show a plan view in Tilos?
    Karla Firth
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  • Feature Request - Corridor Instruction Grouping

    First i want to say kudos to the ladies and gentlemen who have developed this powerful software, and unlike most of your competition, are listening to user feed back and continue to improve.   With that being sa...
    Joe Melchiori
    last modified by Joe Melchiori

    I am building a interstate project and it has several Loops and or Ramps and my templates keep wanting to attach back to the templates back across the way laterally.  I was thinking there was a way to tell it not...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • How to apply Site Improvements to an Existing Roadway to compute volumes

    I had this question today (this is for you Pablo!)   Customer states that they have an Existing Roadway (I assume a Survey of an existing Road) that I assume they are going to strip out the existing Road Bed Mat...
    Alan Sharp
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  • If I have a profile dwg and want to add that profile to line on an other line from a planview. Is that possible? Like you would do to an cross-sections.

    In the project it the CL-Holmtorpsvägen and in the profile dwg it's the long linestring
    Philip Hayes
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  • Plotting XS - linetype only plotting as solid

    Plotting XS - I cannot get the linetype of the surfaces to plot correctly.  I only get solid lines.  In the "Edit Sheet Set" display, I see that the linetype is applied.  But the linetype is solid for t...
    Jennifer Metz
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  • Trimble Business Center v5.1 Release Overview.pptx

    The enclosed Presentation (covered in the videos posted earlier today) is the source presentation for the TBC v5.1 Release Webinar this morning.
    Alan Sharp
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  • Clear Job Site

    Are we able to clear a job site file and create a whole new job site in a TBC file that already has one created or clear the existing file out?
    David Ballew
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