• Sheet Numbers

    Hi,   Is there a code available yet for the total number of sheets within a 'planset', not just the individual 'sheet sets'   I know that they are available for each sheet set, but is it likely to be for t...
    Chris Whelan
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  • PDF plotting

    Is there a way to preset plotting to .PDF and/or plotter settings. ie A3 landscape. Each time I plot I have to go into the settings to change page size etc. 
    Chris Whelan
    created by Chris Whelan
  • TBC Power Hours for Construction

    I will be posting Links and Content Download for all the TBC Power Hours for Construction on this Blog going forwards. The Power Hour concept was initiated by the Geospatial Team a couple of years ago and has been hug...
    Alan Sharp
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    Hi.   After updating to 5.31 drafting stopped working with some things.  Dynaviews dont show, zoom extents in sheetview goes a long way out but it is nothing so far out. New and old dynaviews dont show. In...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Fonts does not look the same, Word - TBC

    Hi!   Take a look at the picture here. When i change the fonts to thoose 2 i want to use (Kanit and Work Sans) they almost look the same and i cant make them bold and so on. When i use those fonts in my word doc...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Exporting Points/Attributes with Georeferenced Images from TBC

    Hi There,   First time post so I hope I am in the correct area.   I am currently collecting large amounts of site data using the R12 which consists mainly of Single attributed points with accompanying Geo-...
    kevin Bryce
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  • TML Update

    Trimble asked me today to start a post on the forum here on the TML Library update that was made the week of July 4th, and that I will update as we move into the future.   Trimble and Rockpile Solutions have for...
    Alan Sharp
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  • TBC - Layered PDF

    Is there a way to get a layered pdf when printing a sheet or plan set in TBC?                               Thanks!
    Eric Schmeusser
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  • 'FindSurfaceArea' create text error

    Ran TML Status in TBC 5.3 to update/install macros.  Now when I try to 'Create text' using the 'Find Surface Area' tml, I get an error that states "global name 'macroFileFolder' is not defined and cannot create t...
    Steven Vorpahl
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  • Feature Request - Insert Block - Graphical Interface

    Please consider revamping the insert block interface to a more graphical style, similar to the point symbol slection.   Also, a filter option would be valuable here.   Something along the lines of this: &#...
  • Enhancement Request - Georeferenced Image Display Styles

    I like using Business Center to compare plan sheets; the ability to adjust the transparency and precisely align sheets with each other (and at real-world scale to take accurate measurements!) makes TBC one of the hand...
    Stephen Gibson
    created by Stephen Gibson
  • IFC covers stuff when plotting in 5.10

    Hi!   I just made some changes to drawings in a project where i have used .ifc-files from sketchup. The problem is that now the .ifc.files covers my lines when plotting and that was not the case before. You can ...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Text Alignment

    Is there a way to label elevation of a line aligned to that line (without doing a manual bearing segment snap?) Specifically I want the end of line - (Inverts of Stormwater lines)   IL= @<EL,T,F,2>@  ...
    John Mill
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  • TBC Power Hour - Macros Update

    6/17/20 9:00 AM
    Join us on Wednesday this week for a TBC Power Hour that addresses the latest updates and new tools relating to Macros for Trimble Business Center.    Click Here to register for the Webinar   Thanks &...
    Alan Sharp
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    TBC Power Hour - Macros Update
  • Enhancement Request - Model Colors & Export Colors

    I'd like to request an enhancement that would allow me the ability to differentiate model space colors separately from "field" colors (i.e. those that show up on data collectors, machines, etc.). This could be a simil...
    Tyler Lindsay
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  • Ned help with plans presenting differences from projected surfaces

    Hi!    I need your help here and i think there is a answer but i cant figure out how to do it and none of the videos for projected surfaces show med how to do it.    The job is to correct present t...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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    I am needing calculate the top of pipe under a road way to the bottom of the sub grade minus 6".  I understand how to get the smart text to give me the elevation of the to object and how to use the math function ...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • How to add textures to corridors?

    I was wondering if there was a quick way to add textures to your corridor surfaces?  I am sure you need to use the MSI but I am not real comfortable with it.  And on that note is there a place to go get good...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • No more auto populate boxes in 5.3

    It will not longer auto populate in 5.3. Say I want to break a line at a crossing line  Before it would auto populate the crossing line box and I just have to click the line I want it to break at. Now I have t...
    Erik Petersen
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  • DynaView - Black & White

    I have recently started using the Dynaview pdf print.  I am a big fan of color and there seems to be some that dislike color.  i rather not have to change all my lines to white.  Is there a way to print...
    Francisco Guerrero
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