• Point Symbols Not by Points in Sheet View

    I seem to be having an issue with my point symbols not showing up beside the label/point location when I create my sheet views. It seems to be linked to my dynaview being at an angle and not perpendicular to the CAD f...
    Ben Wall
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  • Scale bar in PDF plot

    I create 8.5 x 11 PDF layout sketches for our survey field crew as a reference to their TSC7 files. When I plot a PDF a scale bar shows up in the upper right corner. How do I remove that so it does not show up on the ...
    Tom Silicato
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  • TBC 5.30 Dynaview Scale Bar Error

    Dynaview scale bar is compressing text at right end of the scale bar, see image.   #TBC 5.30 bug Solutions Trimble Business Center for Construction
    Matt Voge
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  • TBC v5.3 Released Yesterday (April 27 2020)

    Trimble Business Center v5.3 Released yesterday (April 27 2020). Hot on the heels of the 5.21 Release that was made a few weeks ago by the CEC Division at the ConExpo Trade Show in Las Vegas. The 5.30 Release is packe...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Custom Ribbon Layout For v5.1.bin

    In response to popular request, I have updated the TBC Menu Ribbons for contractors and enclose it here. The new Menu Ribbon includes Updated Quick Access toolbar Side Toolbars Keyboard Shortcuts for more commands ...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Feature Request - Drafting - Print Plan Set - Add Sheet Set Name Column

    Please consider adding a sheet set column name, the ability to hover over a sheet and see which sheet set this sheet is associated to, or a group header.   This would be very useful when working on projects with...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Feature Request - Dynaview Collection - Set sheet Names

    Is there a way to set sheet names for the dynaview collections? The default to sheet #. I would like be able to set to the prefix.   Reasons for this:   Exporting as pdf Hopefully in the future TBC w...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Solid hatch black is not black

    Trying to fix up my title block and I can't figure out how to get solid hatching to be darker. It appears to be screened back or maybe transparency is set to 50%. Color of hatch is black, but appears gray on screen, i...
    Thomas Tomsu
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  • TBC Printing Issue

    I'm new to sheet view printing in TBC so this might be a problem with one of my settings, but I've noticed when I print directly from TBC using the print plan set function the print comes out of the plotter looking sm...
    Ben Wall
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  • Dynaviews not plotting point symbols

    Issue with Dynaviews  If you create a point label with a symbol, PT#, Elev, Desc and display it from a plotbox into a Dynaview, the symbol does not appear.  The only way I can get this into a document is t...
    Ron Ciccarone
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  • TBC - Layered PDF

    Is there a way to get a layered pdf when printing a sheet or plan set in TBC?                               Thanks!
    Eric Schmeusser
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  • Plan Sets - Is there a way to copy sheet sets?

    Is there a way to copy sheet sheets? If not enhancement request. I have my sheet set all set up with a dynaview collection. All I want to do is copy the sheet set and change the view filter that is active for the shee...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Drafting Profiles and Cross Sections - Missing Ability to label which alignment is referenced?

    I must be missing something but I can not find a way to create a label for the alignment that is being used in a profile or in a cross section.    Normally I am just dealing with one or two roads so I would...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Bug Report - Alignment Labeling

    There appears to be a bug, or at least a misunderstanding in the alignment labeling function.  The issue is with the spacing for the major ticks: as long as the value you are using for the spacing is an even mult...
    Wayne Welshans
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  • North Arrow and Scale Bar - Video

    Does anyone here know if a video exists somewhere on how to place a scale bar and north arrow in sheets?
    Eric Condemilicor
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  • Plotting Cross Sections

    I am trying to plot cross-sections for a corridor. I am editing the Sheet and when I do so I dont see any cross sections. I am sure its a setting some where but unsure where it is. 
    Karla Firth
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  • Exporting hatch objects to machines

    Hello,   Is it possible to export Hatch Objects to the machines/data collectors from V5.20?   Thanks,   Chad Kyllo
    Chad Kyllo
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  • Custom rdlc Reports

    I have created several rdlc reports for Business Center from taking the stock BC report, such as the earthwork report, and manipulating these to more fit our needs and layout. It seems to work well but my issue is tha...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Drafting - Print to PDF - Doesn't work with DropBox as save location

    I save all of my data in a DropBox folder as a fail safe. This deems to work excellent except for when printing to PDF via the Print Plan Set command.   The work around is to save this to the desktop and th...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Plotting XS - linetype only plotting as solid

    Plotting XS - I cannot get the linetype of the surfaces to plot correctly.  I only get solid lines.  In the "Edit Sheet Set" display, I see that the linetype is applied.  But the linetype is solid for t...
    Jennifer Metz
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