• looking for Earthworks emulator

    I am ooking for:   Trimble Earthworks and Cat GRADE for Dozers, Excavators and Motor Graders Version 1.10.X Release Package   is there anyone hlping me getting this package?   thanks in advance, ...
    Cees-Jan Klos
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  • Trimble Business Center v5.1 Release Overview.pptx

    The enclosed Presentation (covered in the videos posted earlier today) is the source presentation for the TBC v5.1 Release Webinar this morning.
    Alan Sharp
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  • TBC V5.2 Possible Bug

    I'm using TBC v5.2 with patch 2 installed.   My typical workflow for importing survey field data is to import the .spj file to a blank TBC project, do any editing, export it to a .vcl file and import that .vcl f...
    Wayne Welshans
    created by Wayne Welshans
  • TBC Version, Build Numbers and Warranty Dates

    This Blog Post captures the TBC Version Numbers, Date of Release, Warranty Date and Build Number information as a reference resource.   Trimble Business Center   TBC Version Release Date Warranty Date Build...
    Alan Sharp
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  • TBC v5.20.2 Patch Update - Release Notes

    Here are the release notes for the TBC v5.20.2 Patch Update released on Dec 16th 2019   Alan
    Alan Sharp
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  • 5.2 Release Issues

    Anyone else having issues with version 5.2 when it comes to the following topics:   Project Cleanup:  Extremely slow compared to 5.1 and has even crashed on me with certain projects that are very small in s...
    Jason Brunetta
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  • Can you adjust the dimensions (size) of the Status Bar on a 4K monitor?

    The Status Bar on my 4K main monitor is 'clipped'. The width seems fine but the height is cut off (see attached screen shot). Is there a way to adjust this or is this a Windows 10 issue with scaling on 4K monitors? I...
    Marshall Cant
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  • TBC 5.10 Patch 2 - Read Me.pdf

    David Kosakowski
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  • TBC 5.20 Release Notes.pdf

    David Kosakowski
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  • Power User Group 3.0 (PUG 3.0) TBC

    Power User Group on TBC (PUG) in Denver - October 22-23-24   Class is off to a great start at 8am on Tuesday morning.  A full house of people ready to learn the latest version of TBC.  People and Deale...
    Scott Bridges
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  • Legacy versions of TBC HCE

    I have an old licence for TBC HCE V3.6.  Is there somewhere I can download a copy of HCE 3.6 so I can utilise this licence on another desktop?
    Fred Lusted
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  • Trimble CAT Used IP Ports

    Please see Trimble CAT Used IP Ports - Google Sheets for the most current information
    Alan Sharp
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  • antenn32.dll Error When Using Construction Data Design Export

    When trying to export a project, see the attached error I receive. I tried reinstalling Business Center and used the Cleanup Utility. I tried exporting and importing my surface and linework into a new file to see if t...
    Adam Bower
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  • TBC 5.1v Locks-Up during export function

    TBC 5.1v Locks-Up during export. After the export dialog opens, the software freezes up causing me to use the task manager to close the program. Has any one else ran into this issue? If so, please let me know if the...
    Brian Van Pelt
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  • TBC - Layered PDF

    Is there a way to get a layered pdf when printing a sheet or plan set in TBC?                               Thanks!
    Eric Schmeusser
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    Tengo un problema como puedo invertir la triangulacion en el TBC, si esta triangulacion la importe de un dibujo de autocad (3d face) al  TBC y posteriormente genere la superficie pero no consigo intercambiar tri...
  • Enterprise Deployment.pdf

    Updates the older document stored in the community. The latest version is also always installed at: C:\Program Files\Trimble\Trimble Business Center\Support\iv.
    David Kosakowski
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  • Custom Ribbon Layout For v5.1.bin

    In response to popular request, I have updated the TBC Menu Ribbons for contractors and enclose it here. The new Menu Ribbon includes Updated Quick Access toolbar Side Toolbars Keyboard Shortcuts for more commands ...
    Alan Sharp
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  • TBC v5.1 Release Overview Webinar

    5/31/19 9:00 AM
    Trimble Business Center Version 5.1 Release Overview Webinar The TBC Product Marketing Team are hosting a Trimble Business Center version 5.1 Release Webinar    Date and Time Date: May 31st 2019 Time: 10:...
    Alan Sharp
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    TBC v5.1 Release Overview Webinar
  • Siteworks Emulator Update

    The Siteworks Emulator has an update to V 1.02. Link:  Trimble Docushare   Marshall
    Marshall Cant
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