• FD w/ Subgrade Adjusted Boundary Asymptotes

    I'm trying to create a subgrade grading surface for our machine controller and SCS900 using the identify site regions command to offset the finished surface down per the paving thicknesses specified in the plans. ...
    Ben Wall
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  • is possible to convert a flight mission from a dji to .jxl format file for TBC?

    Good day,   I have to generate a point cloud from different pictures taken by a dji. I have to create an ortophoto mosaic data, generate the 3d surface and finally calculate the volume (I have to do all these op...
    Stefano Presezzi
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  • como puedo crear vistas simultaneas o dinámicas en planta como en 3d

    carlos togaflores
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    Tengo un problema como puedo invertir la triangulacion en el TBC, si esta triangulacion la importe de un dibujo de autocad (3d face) al  TBC y posteriormente genere la superficie pero no consigo intercambiar tri...
  • Cut/Fill Map

    Hi all, When we create the cut/fill map, a line which separate cut and fill area is created to (see picture below). Is it possible to export this line to a dwg / dxf file? Has anyone had a similar problem and ho...
    Jaroslaw Swiercz
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    I'm unsure how to predict what my imported points will look like.   CSVs, SPJs, etc.  Little "circles" or "dots"  Point style labels are another whole thing...   At times it seems nothing I do af...
    Danny Kaser
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  • APAC Region - Power User Group (PUG) Training for TBC Users

    11/17/19 5:00 PM
    Save The Date! Asia Pacific Regional Power User Group (PUG) Training Trimble Business Center - Construction November 18th - 20th 2019     When / Where Is The Event? Trimble is pleased to announce a...
    Alan Sharp
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    APAC Region - Power User Group (PUG) Training for TBC Users
  • TBC- identify areas of OG surface by slope range

    I'm performing a takeoff for a job that requires regrading the existing slopes of a canal if they are steeper than 2H:1V. The canal is a little over a mile long and I'm hoping there is an easier way to check the slope...
    Landon Mattson
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  • Surface - Quick Contours and Regular - Missing Contours

    I have noticed that when you use the quick contours or the regular create contours, the command will sometimes miss contours that are part of the surface as a breakline. The surface is correct but the visual represent...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Working with GCS900 and Earthworks Systems

    I get a lot of Questions around creating and managing data for the GCS900, Earthworks and Siteworks / SCS900 systems. So much so that I feel that the creation of a Blog Post (that is easy to locate) that captures all ...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Why are my Earthwork Reports showing "0" volumes?

    I'm trying to run an earthwork report between two surfaces using a boundary. It takes about 15 minutes to compute, then when the report is done generating it shows Cut=0.0, Fill=0.5 Yds. The closed boundary covers 39 ...
    Brandon Tobias
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  • Create Grading (Conditional) Issue

    I was trying to create side slopes with some conditions. At one location I am getting some issues. The first instruction is not getting followed as desired for unknown reasons. I tried to edit the line string hoping ...
    Saif Bin Darwish
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  • Image Management in TBC

    I am often asked for more detail on the use of Digital Globe Satellite Imagery in TBC - here are some FAQs and Responses   Question 1 Is TBC directly connected to the Digital Globe Image Server when you turn on...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Power User Group 2.0 Training Materials

      After another successful PUG Power Users Group Conference in April, I am pleased to provide those of you that could not make it to Colorado with the Training Exercises that we went through at the event. I will...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Side Slope - Building Foundation Comments

    Here are a few comments on using the create side slope tool to model a building foundation model and what I think would help speed up the process.   Summary: Layers need to default to the last layers used Copy...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Trimble Library - Videos That Help You Learn

    One thing that I am finding when visiting customers around the US is that they have not heard of the Trimble Library. This is an awesome training and learning resource where we post a large number of training videos c...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Interior Surface Edge Breakline

    enhancement request Alan Sharp   Looking for a method to clip a surface model as an interior edge breakline.  We receive surface models from outside sources that may need to be clipped and then add additio...
    Matt Voge
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  • Preliminary Road Design for Budget Numbers

    Preliminary Road Design and Takeoff   I recently had a call from a client that has been asked by a developer to provide preliminary dirt numbers. The number they are interested in is the Cut/Fill and price to p...
    Mike Tartaglia
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  • Custom Ribbon Layout For v5.1.bin

    In response to popular request, I have updated the TBC Menu Ribbons for contractors and enclose it here. The new Menu Ribbon includes Updated Quick Access toolbar Side Toolbars Keyboard Shortcuts for more commands ...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Slope arrows to EarthWorks, possible?

    Is the a way to get the slope arrows on a surface to show in EarthWorks, export them in any way? Or is there a fast way to place slopearrows on a surface (not manual) wich i can export?
    Fredrik Bergström
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