• CADXS - US Foot.vct

    Power Hour - December 2019 - Cross Section Takeoff Workflows - Example Project Template   Here is the Default Template that I use for doing CAD or PDF Cross Section Conversion Work. I find that using this makes ...
    Alan Sharp
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  • How to model bottom of MSE wall

    I have the bottom of an MSE wall that I want to model for machine control. I created points for each elevation then created a linestring to join them. Trying to figure out the best way to create a surface so the steps...
    Pablo Giraldo
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  • Any way to create flow arrows?

    Wondering if there is any way to create little flow arrows to indicate drainage or flow channels along with my slope text? Or maybe they are already made in TBC and I can't find them.I have attached a screenshot of wh...
    Dane Myran
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  • Is there a way to print with the map view as an underlay?

    Typically I will bring in an image from Google Maps to overlay linework or control points on but that seems redundant with the capability of turning on Map view in TBC. The snag I ran into this morning is that it does...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Is it possible to create a vertical curve using points?

    Is it possible to create a vertical curve using topo shots along the baseline of an existing road?    Ideally I would use these curves in the VAL tab after creating them, since I don't believe it is possibl...
    David Bonds
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  • Surface offset

    Is there a way to offset a surface without having to create new surface members? 
    James watts
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  • Import Surface Data from Google Earth Pro

    I'm working up a budget price for a client to build a pond and he doesn't want to pay for a topo at this point.  The best data I can find online are USGS maps with 10' contour intervals.  When I was in schoo...
    Ben Wall
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  • Feature Request - Set a Prefix for spj file import

    I import a lot of field data and think BC has a pretty good work flow for doing so. One complaint I have is that when I import these SPJ files with surfaces, they get scattered across my BC surfaces that I have m...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Calculate A Volume Over Empty Space

    I did a takeoff for a client building a precast bridge that contains earthwork under the road and above the creekbed.  I stopped my takeoff at both ends of the bridge and manually calculated quantities for the ea...
    MIchael Stallings
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  • Corrupted pointcloud files, any news?

    Hi!   I know there is issues with cloudbased services but we need to use them and it has been working for a while but now we are changing from dropbox to onedrive due to office365 and it is som rellay strange th...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Power User Group 2.0 Training Materials

      After another successful PUG Power Users Group Conference in April, I am pleased to provide those of you that could not make it to Colorado with the Training Exercises that we went through at the event. I will...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Save the Date - Trimble Business Center - Power User Group - Europe

    2/11/20 12:00 AM
      Due to "Popular Demand" and repeated requests from our Geospatial and Construction Distribution Partners, we have finalized the venue and dates for the first Trimble Business Center - Power Users Group me...
    Alan Sharp
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    Save the Date - Trimble Business Center - Power User Group - Europe
  • Best Practices for Modifying a TTM

    I had to adjust an old mode lthis morning that either myself or one of my colleagues prepared 4+ years ago. I did not have the original data but I did have the ttm that we provide to the field crews. I needed to adjus...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • US Feet Color Range Mapping.zip

    This is a set of Color Range Mapping Files for Cut Fill Maps that emulates the Agtek Color Scheme over different Cut and Fill Ranges
    Alan Sharp
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  • Is it possible to use smart text to show the volume of a surface?

    I am hoping to use smart text to cut down on the time it takes me to interrogate surfaces that I create for house foundations.   I'm hoping that there might be an easier way than running a stockpile/depression r...
    Matthew Pitt
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  • How to Set Up TML Status and Access Rockpile Solutions TMLs.docx

    This document describes how to download, install and set up the Rockpile Solutions TML Status application. The application will manage all of your TMLs and notify you when new ones become available or when existing on...
    Alan Sharp
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  • BB - Power Hour Dec.zip

    Here is the Completed Project that we went through in the CEC December 2019 Power Hour if you want to try running the processes yourself following along to the video recording of the event.   The Power Hour cove...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Vertical Design Tools and Breakline Approximation Parameters

    First go around with the Vertical Design tools and I have a question regarding break ine approximation parameters.   When changing breakline approximation parameters - maximum sampling distance settings, it appe...
    Matt Voge
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  • Surface By Elevation

    When did the default color scheme flip for Shade By Elevation?  Red used to be low.  Can we change the Default back?  Help still shows Red as low...  
    Tim McCann
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  • Can a vertical alignment start after the POB of the HAL?

    Regarding this, the vertical alignment in question starts in a vertical curve with the VPI being 11 feet from the start. In other words, while the vertical curve is 680' long, only 351 feet of it are actually part of...
    David Bonds
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