• TBC Entities that default to Zero

    There are quite a few "Smart" entities in TBC that default to layer zero. I want to put in a feature request for a spot in project settings to select the layer that these entities would go to and avoid dumping th...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Customer Success Stories

    Attention all SITECHs out there ....   Every day I have discussions with SITECH staff about projects that we end up working together, where we are collectively solving customer project problems to get people up ...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Updating a corridor model due to settlement

    We have a project where we have already installed the northbound side of the highway. The issue is that it has settled. We therefore need to update our model to match the settled section for installation of the southb...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Showcase Your Project Work

    Attention All TBC Construction Users Out There   On a daily basis I see great work being carried out using TBC by you all, covering a wide range of activities for Data Prep, Takeoff, Site Survey and As Builts et...
    Alan Sharp
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    1).  It would be nice to be able to create a breakline where two different surface intersect.  For example when you have two different ditches cross each other.  If you were able to get that breakline y...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Densify Linestrings?

    Is there a way to densify a linestring by spacing or number of vertices per line? I want to add additional vertices to the line to include in a surface and send to a subcontractor.  I could divide it and then joi...
    Jonathan Hebert
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  • Is there a way to isolate selected surfaces?

    I found a very quick way to turn off visibility on a surface using the right click and toggle visibility but I am wondering if there is a way to isolate surfaces that have been selected, similar to the view only ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Offset-Move Hybrid?

    Is there a way to move a linestring where you can input the distance you want to move it and then select direction, something similar to the way you offset a line. I think this would have a lot of value for curb line ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Spot Elevation  - elevation decimal mark

    Hi,  very often I have CAD drawing in 2D , where would be great help to use Spot Elevation feature. But Elevation Text is with Comma decimal mark. TBC does not respect comma and it ignores numbers behind decimal...
    Matej Patera
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  • Station Offset Elevation and Template Instruction Questions

    I received these questions by email overnight and I thought it worth capturing them here. The questions relate to Reporting using the Station Offset Elevation reports and also some questions about Template Instruction...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Advanced Point Cloud Modeling Techniques

    I was working with some users yesterday on a large project that they are flying monthly with drones to create point clouds that they then use to create "Work In Progress" surface models for volumetric analysis purpose...
    Alan Sharp
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  • I have a Merge Surfaces Issue ...

    I got this question over the weekend and thought it was worthy of a post here on the Forum. The user stated that they had a "Finished Grade" model from the Engineer and an Existing Ground from the Engineer. They used ...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Take Off Subgrade Surface

    I've ran a take-off report to get my subgrade surface. I've noticed that the software has added my pathway centerline to my subgrade surface. There doesn't seem to be a dependency on my centerline and this surface. I ...
    Matt Weller
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  • Utility Module: Overlapping Trench Surfaces

    I have started using the Utility feature to estimate trenching and backfill quantities however I am running into issues where I am doubling up on quantities where trenches overlap. Is there a current function in ...
    Brittany Koebel
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  • Power User Group 2 (PUG 2.0)

    4/17/19 7:00 AM
    Finishing up a FANTASTIC Power User Group Software event on Trimble Business Center in Denver.  We have had 100+ people for two days learning the latest features in corridor model building.  Alan Sharp has d...
    Scott Bridges
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    Power User Group 2 (PUG 2.0)
  • Can I find CUT FILL ballance ?

    Hi,    I have surface A anb Design B. I need to know how much to move design B up or down to meet CUT/FILL ballance, Does TBC know any function like this?   thanks for help
    Matej Patera
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  • Enhancement Request - Trim Surface Edge

    When using the Trim Surface Edge command, I find that nearly every time I am finished with the command that I then need to run the edge breakline command in order to prevent the trimming I just did from being undone b...
    Wayne Welshans
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  • 3D Area Linestring

    Customer collected data on a collapsed wall (not a scan).  Remaining wall face (at edge of collapse) and some data of exposed slope.  They needed to determine the face surface area.  They tried a polygo...
    Tim McCann
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  • How Do I Create a Parabolic Road Surface From Surveyed Strings?

    I had an interesting question from a paving contractor in Canada asking me how to create a Parabolic Shaped Road Surface from two in field measured strings.    The Curb and Gutter is in the ground, the Pavi...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Create a string along the intersection of two surfaces?

    Is there a simple way in TBC to create a string along the intersection of two surfaces? i.e. intersection or Cut/Fill line of a flat plane with a topo surface?
    Ben Dixon
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