• Can a vertical alignment start after the POB of the HAL?

    Regarding this, the vertical alignment in question starts in a vertical curve with the VPI being 11 feet from the start. In other words, while the vertical curve is 680' long, only 351 feet of it are actually part of...
    David Bonds
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  • Isopachs at intersection of two surfaces

    How to create isopachs at intersection of two surfaces?   I need to create a line string that represents cut/fill line and additional strings at a specified interval that represent height difference between two ...
    Marian Plucinski
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  • APAC Region - Power User Group (PUG) Training for TBC Users

    11/17/19 5:00 PM
    Save The Date! Asia Pacific Regional Power User Group (PUG) Training Trimble Business Center - Construction November 18th - 20th 2019     When / Where Is The Event? Trimble is pleased to announce a...
    Alan Sharp
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    APAC Region - Power User Group (PUG) Training for TBC Users
  • Plotting Cross Sections

    I was given existing ground surface then did a topo of a section of road built. I want to plot cross sections every 50', horizontal scale to be 20 and vertical to be 10. I am trying to figure out the correct way of ad...
    Pablo Giraldo
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  • Ned help with plans presenting differences from projected surfaces

    Hi!    I need your help here and i think there is a answer but i cant figure out how to do it and none of the videos for projected surfaces show med how to do it.    The job is to correct present t...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Color Mapping

    I often use color mapping templates that Alan posted a while back. I found that sometimes the max/min elevation sets itself to the elevations in my surface, and sometimes defaults to a different elevation (-174' min 1...
    Matthew Judice
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  • Projected surfaces cut n fill maps

    Hi!   Im trying to do a cut n fill map from 2 projected surfaces (with the same plane) but i only get some strange edgy c/f surface. Anuyone know what i am doing wrong here? I have done this before but that was ...
  • Is there a way to create a best-fit profile based off a road surface?

    I've got a scanned road surface from which I want to derive a profile/vertical alignment so I can verify slopes and K-values along the road. I know I can elevate a linestring to the scanned surface and turn it into an...
    Mickey Kocemba
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  • Corridor by Phase

      We are begining to being ask to run earthwork quantities by Phase (road/highway projects).  I have found to add the subgrade material to another material to have a combine total subgrade surface.  Thi...
    Francisco Guerrero
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  • Feature Request: Entering Levels by "From Surface Snap"

    Can the Point select pick box be active directly - ie without having to select it - currently I have to activate it by selecting with the mouse..    
    John Mill
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  • How do I create a surface that matches the plane of a dual plane laser?

    I am trying to create a surface in TBC that will match the surface created by a dual plane laser.  The red point below is where the elevation is set  (Bench elevation at this point is 100 ft).  The lase...
    Matt Eklund
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  • Intersection Template

    HI, I am trying to create an intersection after watching Trimble's Youtube video. I am having trouble with finding or creating an intersection template. Would anyone be willing to share their templates for interstecti...
    Ken Bork
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  • Surface boundary - zero volume

    I have seen a recent post with a similar issue to this, but am wondering if there is an improved workflow that might help avoid this happening in the first place...   When trying to calculate a surface to surfac...
    Stevie McCafferty
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  • How to edit a linestring elevation from a surface

    While creating curb layout for survey crew I am trying to elevate or edit a polyline into a linestring by using the elevation of the surface particularly the edge of pavement at face of curb. I remember when I used Te...
    Tom Silicato
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  • Feature Request Corridor Wall Instruction

    I would like to request a Wall instruction for corridor modeling. I think this is the last step in completing our corridor tools. I would like a dialog that ask for top and bottom of wall alignments, footer dimensions...
    Shea Huckaby
    created by Shea Huckaby
  • Surface boundary issue - zero volume

    I have seen a recent post with a similar issue to this, but am wondering if there is an improved workflow that might help avoid this happening in the first place...   When trying to calculate a surface to surfac...
  • How can I export my CF Map into Google Earth?

    I have a guy here at the office who is trying to export his CF Map into Google Earth but every time he includes the CF Map TBC throws an error and will not execute. I tried doing the same thing on my computer sta...
    Eric Salgado
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  • How to Offset to a Surface

    I am trying to offset a toe of slope line to a certain elevation at top of berm in a fill situation. I feel like there is a way to do it but I am not finding the right command or workflow.   In my situation i ha...
    Dane Myran
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  • Why does Earthwork Report calculate Cut/Fill in my boundry incorrectly?

    So I've had this problem where on my report it'll show Zero on my cut and fill and it is usually because the line crosses itself, usually happens when im joining up linework. TBC will usually show me where that error ...
    Eric Salgado
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  • Turn off Site Improvement Calculation

    What is the suggested method to stop/toggle the "Finished design/Apply Site Improvements" calculation from occurring with every change made to a surface member. I have come up with a way but I was hoping an easier/qui...
    Richard Tyndall
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