• Linear Dimension - Include arrow size in scale objects?

    When using the scaleobjects command could we have this include arrow sizes? This is something you have to do anyway in a separate step. This would help with cleanup of plumbing, architectural and structural CAD files....
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Does anyone else use 3DConnexion devices?

    For the last couple of years I have been using two devices that I find incredibly useful and valuable. They are both from a company called 3DConnexion. One is a 3-button mouse called CadMouse. The other is complimenta...
    George Henry-Schneider
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  • Advanced Corridor Modeling

    As I spend more time with Dealers and Customers, I have found that there are many things in Corridor Modeling that are either unknown or mis-understood. Over the next few weeks  am going to post some blog entries...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Best workflow for this data, SX10, X7 and drone.

    Hi guys!   How would you recommend me to get the best out of this data set? This is a test set for me because i want to know how good the X7 scanner are together with other data.  In the dropbox link you w...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Generate XYZ from linestring/surface intersection

    Is there a workaround to generate a point (XYZ) where a linestring intersects a given surface model?   I can get it from the profile viewer, or use the "Create Surface Intersection" which kinda does it.   ...
    Lasse Hanberg
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  • TBC 5.30 Vector PDF Cross Sections Issue

    Hello All,     I have a small project that sent us the vectorized PDF Cross Sections. After trying to import the PDF into TBC to use the 'digitize cross-section' tool, the software will not import the vecto...
    Andy Deveney
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  • TBC Power Hour - Macros Update

    6/17/20 9:00 AM
    Join us on Wednesday this week for a TBC Power Hour that addresses the latest updates and new tools relating to Macros for Trimble Business Center.    Click Here to register for the Webinar   Thanks &...
    Alan Sharp
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    TBC Power Hour - Macros Update

    I am needing calculate the top of pipe under a road way to the bottom of the sub grade minus 6".  I understand how to get the smart text to give me the elevation of the to object and how to use the math function ...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Station and offset reports

    I have created CL beams for a bridge and made each one an alignment so that I can generate a station and offset report on 10th points for each beam. When I run the report, my first and last point are not coming up. Th...
    Sean McCarthy
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  • How to add textures to corridors?

    I was wondering if there was a quick way to add textures to your corridor surfaces?  I am sure you need to use the MSI but I am not real comfortable with it.  And on that note is there a place to go get good...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • TBC 5.30 - Invalid visualisation of CF Map for Projected Surfaces

    Hello,   I have run into some dramas with CF Maps for Projected Surfaces. I have seen that exercise as tutorial. I have also managed to do do it myself on the previous version of TBC (5.21).   CF Map crea...
    Marian Plucinski
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  • No more auto populate boxes in 5.3

    It will not longer auto populate in 5.3. Say I want to break a line at a crossing line  Before it would auto populate the crossing line box and I just have to click the line I want it to break at. Now I have t...
    Erik Petersen
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  • "ctoolbox.exe system error" when trying to Publish to Library

    I'm trying to publish a Finished Grade Design to my library and I can't get it to work for me. The attached image shows the error message that I get every time I try. Does anyone know of a way to fix this?
    Abe Arenas
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  • My Earthworks Machines Stopped Syncing

    I have heard this a few times over the last couple of weeks so I have been trying to get to the bottom of why this is happening. This is what I have found so far - and I managed to get a User in the UK up and running ...
    Alan Sharp
    created by Alan Sharp
  • Zone embankment in corridor definition

    Hello,   I am trying to define a corridor template for a zoned embankment.   Specs I am bound by are quite simple:   If fill is less then 2m in thickness-> use only class A1 material. If fill is ...
    Marian Plucinski
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  • Printing marked up plans

    I have currently started taking off a DOT job.  I have added the plans and georeferenced the needed sheets and have built the alignments for the road, out fall ditches, and have made linestrings for the storm pip...
    Brian Sarvis
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  • Cursor Starts in wrong box... Workflow Issue since latest patch

    Help please!  If this is answered elsewhere, I apologize, but I didn't get a resolution the first place I posted this.  I'm not sure if I posted it in the right place or not.    So this was Assume...
    Ben Dyer
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  • Corridor Template Crashes 5.20

    When I try to make a template for my corridor 5.20 crashes.  Completely shuts down business center. I'm using command "InsertCorridorTemplate" It does it on all jobs so I don't think it is a data problem I hav...
    ron fucinaro
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  • The Traditional Menu Option

    Is the Traditional Menu settings going to be added back into TBC 5.30.  The Light setting is not desired.  it is too bright.  
    Ron Ciccarone
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  • Free Snap, Surface Slicer, and Track Region Outline

    Yesterday I learned, from Alan, that free snap must be on for Surface Slicer and Track Region Outline to work. I had turned it off to more quickly snap a line to a surface. When I tried to use surface slicer and trac...
    Tom Dew
    created by Tom Dew