• Elevation Snapping

    Is there a method or setting that prevents the elevation snap on a line or object and has the program pause for a user input elevation? Otherwise it's a 5 step process to revise the elevations which, when you hav...
    Richard Tyndall
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  • How to create hatch!?

    Hatch Patterns   Can anyone explain how to crate the hatchin patterns. i have certain areas such as building pads or pits that i wish to create a hatch pattern on to easily identify them on the machine control m...
    Dane Myran
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  • Can a vertical alignment start after the POB of the HAL?

    Regarding this, the vertical alignment in question starts in a vertical curve with the VPI being 11 feet from the start. In other words, while the vertical curve is 680' long, only 351 feet of it are actually part of...
    David Bonds
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  • Match Properties needs to be more flexible

    I think match properties needs to be more flexible. If I want to copy something such as color it shouldn't matter what the source object is and what the target object is as long as they both have that same attribute y...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Trimble Business Center - Power Hour: Create Vertical Design - A Peek at the Latest Toolset in v5.20

    Open video

    Anne-Marie Latvatalo
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  • Does anyone else use 3DConnexion devices?

    For the last couple of years I have been using two devices that I find incredibly useful and valuable. They are both from a company called 3DConnexion. One is a 3-button mouse called CadMouse. The other is complimenta...
    George Henry-Schneider
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  • Buying a New PC to run TBC v5

    This is a common question - I am buying a new PC to run Trimble Business Center / Business Center - HCE, what Spec of machine should I purchase and where will I get the biggest bang for my Buck, Euro, Pound etc. The f...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Troubleshooting TBC Installation Problems

    Installation and Operational Problems with TBC The following list are things that you can always try to resolve problems with TBC Installation or Operation. Below that you will find some typical support cases that ha...
    Alan Sharp
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  • APAC Region - Power User Group (PUG) Training for TBC Users

    11/17/19 5:00 PM
    Save The Date! Asia Pacific Regional Power User Group (PUG) Training Trimble Business Center - Construction November 18th - 20th 2019     When / Where Is The Event? Trimble is pleased to announce a...
    Alan Sharp
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    APAC Region - Power User Group (PUG) Training for TBC Users
  • PDF Cross Sections to Takeoff Workflow

    In TBC v5.1 and earlier, the way to handle PDF Cross Sections was to use the Digitize Cross Sections workflow. This entails a time consuming process of scaling each section manually and then digitizing the surfaces fr...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Smart Text - Change Date Display

    Hello!   I'm fairly new to the whole drafting module. I've been trying to create my own custom drafting template that includes our company title block and I was curious if there was an option to change how the d...
    Veronica Velazquez
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  • Custom toolbar in TBC version 5.00

    Hello   Can somebody please tell me how to create custom side toolbars in the new UI of TBC v5.00? The workflow I used in BC-HCE doesn’t seem to work.   Thanks
    Joseph Torres
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  • Intersection Template

    HI, I am trying to create an intersection after watching Trimble's Youtube video. I am having trouble with finding or creating an intersection template. Would anyone be willing to share their templates for interstecti...
    Ken Bork
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  • US Survey Foot - CADXS Conversion.vct

    This is an example project template File for use with the CAD or PDF Cross Sections to 3D Linework conversion process. The Template was created for TBC v5.2 (as yet unreleased).
    Alan Sharp
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  • Power User Group 3.0 (PUG 3.0) TBC

    Power User Group on TBC (PUG) in Denver - October 22-23-24   Class is off to a great start at 8am on Tuesday morning.  A full house of people ready to learn the latest version of TBC.  People and Deale...
    Scott Bridges
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  • Feature Request Corridor Wall Instruction

    I would like to request a Wall instruction for corridor modeling. I think this is the last step in completing our corridor tools. I would like a dialog that ask for top and bottom of wall alignments, footer dimensions...
    Shea Huckaby
    created by Shea Huckaby
  • How can I export my CF Map into Google Earth?

    I have a guy here at the office who is trying to export his CF Map into Google Earth but every time he includes the CF Map TBC throws an error and will not execute. I tried doing the same thing on my computer sta...
    Eric Salgado
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  • Does TBC v5 have a problem with Point Cloud Import?

    Hi   I have just updated my TBC to v5.10.2.  I am trying to import a point cloud into a new project file and it gets to 96% then the program just hangs up.  Is there a problem with this version.  ...
    Fred Lusted
    created by Fred Lusted
  • Best Practices for Modifying a TTM

    I had to adjust an old mode lthis morning that either myself or one of my colleagues prepared 4+ years ago. I did not have the original data but I did have the ttm that we provide to the field crews. I needed to adjus...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Feature Request - Dynaview Collection - Set sheet Names

    Is there a way to set sheet names for the dynaview collections? The default to sheet #. I would like be able to set to the prefix.   Reasons for this:   Exporting as pdf Hopefully in the future TBC w...
    Patrick L'heureux
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