• Interior Surface Edge Breakline

    enhancement request Alan Sharp   Looking for a method to clip a surface model as an interior edge breakline.  We receive surface models from outside sources that may need to be clipped and then add additio...
    Matt Voge
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  • Follow up to text white out question

    enhancement request Alan Sharp   Enhancement request to have an option to create a border around text.
    Matt Voge
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  • Export Points with Layers

    I created points on different layers in TBC, and I want to be able to export all of them with their layer attributes in one point file and then import them into a data collector and have them go to their respective la...
    MIchael Stallings
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  • Plotbox Plotting in TBC

    There has been quite a bit of traffic by both email and through the forum on the issue of Printing to PDF using the Plotbox Function as a basis and the standard Print commands to run a Print to PDF Driver that provide...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Is there a way to use several boundaries with the offset surface function?

    I am using the Macros offset surface command.  It appears to work well when I have a single clipping boundary and use it in the command on creation.When I then try to add several surface boundaries (Undefined ele...
    Beth Safranski
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  • Plan and Profile setting

    What is the setting the will move the beginning of the actual profile about a half inch into the grid box, away from the edge.  
    Ron Ciccarone
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  • Possible solution for installation/update TBC 5.10

    There is the possibility that some issues and errors show up when installing the update to TBC 5.10. We had customers that couldn't export svd and svl anymore, it kept showing errors. I read some other issues on the ...
    Rick Gillesen
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  • Entering Title Block Text in Sheet View

    We're working towards completing as many deliverables straight away out of TBC as we can without finishing up in ACAD. However, I'm either doing something wrong or completely misunderstand the functionality (probably ...
    Richard Tyndall
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  • Graphics Issue - Help ....

    Is anyone having an issue with the Highlight Colors of the Toggle Switches at the base of the screen not showing Yellow when selected / enabled? I have a User with a Dell Laptop and an AMD Ratheon Graphics Card that i...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Surfaces from Logfiles

    I have this file containing points logged at Random from Machine Control Sytem Blade edges.   Challenge is to get Two Surfaces  One Surface with the Topmost points in any Section and the Second with the Bot...
    Saif Bin Darwish
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  • Defining a Surface Boundary

    I had a Terramodel file which had several Points and Breaklines. When I import the Terramodel (*.pro) file to TBC, by default it is imported as a Surface with TIN. I had a Boundary defined in AutoCAD. I imported th...
    Saif Bin Darwish
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  • Custom ribbon - basic tools Field Data export

    I did a custom ribbon for customers in Denmark, who need just the basic tools to export data to SCS900/Siteworks, SitePulse, GCS900 and Earthworks.   Thought I might as well share it here, as it might be useful ...
    Lasse Hanberg
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  • Can I rotate plan view?

    There are many cases where a North-South orientation doesn't necessarily make sense because of the orientation of project. I have tried to use the 3D view rotation but doing data prep in this view is not as quick and ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Corridor Side Slope Last Intersection

    feature_enhancement   In Terramodel, when defining a tie slope shape, you could choose whether to have that shape tie into the first intersection with the original ground or the last intersection with the origin...
    Wayne Welshans
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  • TBC v4.10.3 and v5.00.2 Patches Released - February 15, 2019

    Version update: Trimble Business Center patch versions 4.10.3 and 5.00.2 now available 15 February 2019 If you are currently running TBC version 5.0x, you can update to the new TBC version 5.00.2 by selecting Support ...
    Marshall Cant
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  • Exporting a dem or tif file

    Is there a way for me to export a .dem or any .tif convertible file of my surfaces?    My workflow right now on producing such file is exporting my surface into a .dwg and recreate the surface using Autocad...
    Karen Anne De Guzman
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  • XSection Templates in TBC 5.0

    I am creating Corridor template in TBC V5.0. With the help of Mr Alan Sharp I have progressed somewhat. I am looking at a solution for this specific challenge:   Please see attached file "Tie to Surface-1.pdf"...
    Saif Bin Darwish
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  • Issues with default selection method

    I'm  having some issues with how I select certain things in Business Center. An example is if I go to create a linestring, then it is prompts me to pick a coordinate, but instead of giving me the crosshairs that ...
    Adam Bower
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  • Change Elevation

    I had a set of Surveyed observations as a JXL file which I imported to TBC.   I created a number of Line strings after sorting the points to various layers.   I tried to change elevation by a Delta Elevati...
    Saif Bin Darwish
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  • Corridor Surface Rebuild issue

    I had generated a Corridor surface in the attached file some time back. I now wanted to extend the corridor from 50K to 67K Stations.   I revised the Profile and updated the Original Ground level. I expected t...
    Saif Bin Darwish
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