• Generate Cross Sections from Surfaces

    I have these two surfaces : 1) RA2 Merged and 2) SBDOGL. I have a Horizontal Alignment. CL 0-75200. I need to generate Cross Sections at 10m intervals and publish them as AutoCAD files. Could some one help.   ...
    Saif Bin Darwish
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  • 'Create at Intervals' not creating points at proper intervals

    I have an alignment that I need to create points from beginning to end at an interval of 6,330'.  I used the 'Create at Intervals' command and selected the alignment, gave the interval of 6,330', and a starting p...
    Robert Stallings
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  • 5.2 Release Issues

    Anyone else having issues with version 5.2 when it comes to the following topics:   Project Cleanup:  Extremely slow compared to 5.1 and has even crashed on me with certain projects that are very small in s...
    Jason Brunetta
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    Is his something I need to be concerned with?  I hit yes and things seem to be working.  I am running windows 10 just so you know.
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Bug - Offset Line Segment

    It seems that a linestring with VPI elevations does not offset correctly when only a segment of the linestring is offset. Please see video.    It appears that VPIs are added at random locations on the ...
    Nick Beachley
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  • Wireless

      Tablet settings     Sent from my iPhone  
    keith strong
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  • Wireless connection

      I used my hotspot on my computer and connected tablet to hotspot I created.  
    keith strong
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  • Wireless

      Sitech has the info to go wireless to tablet.     Sent from my iPhone  
    keith strong
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  • Power User Group 3.0 (PUG 3.0) TBC

    Power User Group on TBC (PUG) in Denver - October 22-23-24   Class is off to a great start at 8am on Tuesday morning.  A full house of people ready to learn the latest version of TBC.  People and Deale...
    Scott Bridges
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  • Feature Request Corridor Wall Instruction

    I would like to request a Wall instruction for corridor modeling. I think this is the last step in completing our corridor tools. I would like a dialog that ask for top and bottom of wall alignments, footer dimensions...
    Shea Huckaby
    created by Shea Huckaby
  • Surface boundary issue - zero volume

    I have seen a recent post with a similar issue to this, but am wondering if there is an improved workflow that might help avoid this happening in the first place...   When trying to calculate a surface to surfac...
  • Change Elevation

    I tried to change elevation of a Surface using the CAD>Edit>Change Elevation command, By a Delta Elevation of -0.50. While a message "Total Elevation Change" was displayed, the properties did not change.  ...
    Saif Bin Darwish
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  • C3D Surface to Trimble Machine Control

    Hi everyone!   I have a surface that was created in C3D that I would like to load in a Trimble machine control unit and I have more than a few questions :-)        &...
    Charlie Mizo
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  • TBC 5.10 Corridor feature - 'Target Material Layer'

    Im working through some of the TBC tutorials regarding corridors and have completed the main 'working with corridors' tutorial shipped with the TBC help menu.  With the release of TBC 5.10 I see that Alan Sharp&...
    Rowan Bird
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  • Vertical Alignment From Surface Profile

      I intend to create a VAL from a Surface Profile of an Alignment and record it in a corridor by the same name.See attachments. I tried what Mr Alan suggested. Could not go through. Will some on hep please. ...
    Saif Bin Darwish
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  • More corridor issues

      After doing all this, I am not still able to get All needed elevations in the Station Offset Report. Please see attached Excel file.         I tried to create a template couldn't quite g...
    Saif Bin Darwish
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  • Custom Reports in TBC

    I am looking for a Custom Report in TBC that can give me information as in attached file. Could some one help find it or a video tutorial / Webinar Recording for learning about Creating Custom Reports.   I ...
    Saif Bin Darwish
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  • Feature Request - Points Import

    When importing a .csv point file, it would be nice if we could select "new layer" in the pulldown menu asking what layer to import the points to.  That can then open the layer manager to create a new layer for th...
    MIchael Stallings
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  • Transferring Points - from the Field to TBC and Back

    I am curious how other users handle points from the field software, both SCS900 and Siteworks or other, and the transfer between the field software and TBC. And potentially from TBC back to the field software.   ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Export Points with Layers

    I created points on different layers in TBC, and I want to be able to export all of them with their layer attributes in one point file and then import them into a data collector and have them go to their respective la...
    MIchael Stallings
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